"An atom that lights up"

From the Periodic Table

Symbol: Ne

Name: Neon

Origin: Name came from Greek "Neos" meaning new

Atomic Number: Neon has 10 protons in its nucleus

Atomic Mass: Neon has a total of 20 protons and neutrons

Periodic Table


Neon is located in group 18 on the periodic table. It is part of the "Noble Gas" family , because its a gas and already has 8 valence electrons and no charge can be added. It also does not like to interact with other elements. Neon is located in the second period. This is because it has two orbits for its electrons. It is at the end of the row because the atomic numbers increase from left to right.

Its discoverers

Neon was discovered by Morris Travers, and William Ramsay in 1898 in England.


Neon is used ot make neon signs, when combined with Helium gas lasers are created. Neon is used in lights, televison tubes, and wave meter tubes .


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