Wind-powered Electricity

Affordable, Renewable, Abundant, Domestic, and Clean

The Future of Wind Energy

The fact of the matter is that fossil fuels will run out one day and we need to be prepared for that when it happens. Wind energy will probably not be able to satisfy all of the worlds energy needs but it will contribute a percentage of its electricity combined with other renewable sources to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. One day wind energy will find a way to become more environmentally friendly and become more widely used source of electricity all around the world.


  • Renewable energy
  • Doesn't produce pollutants or require any harmful chemicals

  • Wind is free
  • Their sleek design is considered modern
  • Reduces our need to rely on foreign countries for fossil fuels


  • Wind doesnt blow consistently
  • Severe storms can cause damage
  • Quite noise; sound averages 60 decibels
  • May be hazardous to wildlife
  • All about location
Wind Power

3 main types of wind turbines