Forensic Anthropology


What is it ?

"Forensic anthropology is the application of the science of physical anthropology to the legal process. - Terrie Winson


*Basic ground tools

*Gas chromatography

*Ground-penetrating radar and a proton

*Geographic information systems


*Boley gauges

*Spreading calipers


1) When bones or skeletons are found, they are taken to a forensic laboratory for examination.

2) The first step an anthropologist takes during the examination of bones is to find out whether the bones are human or animal.

3) Once this has been determined, the next step is finding the age of the bones by noting the growth and decay that has occurred in the bones.

4) After that, it is determined if the skeleton is male and female. Anthropologists look at the skull and hipbones, as there laid clues to the sex of the skeleton.

5) Then bones are tested to find out the time of death.


  • Environmental -

When the body is being dug up, this mostly harms the species and the natural environment is disturbed.

  • Ethical-

In this method the bones are used up for investigation with clashes with cultural and religious beliefs of people such as Indians cremate the body while Christians bury the body that do this to have respect for the dead.


* Anthropologists have the intense opportunity to bring closure to the family of the deceased with every solved murder case.


The evidence cannot be accessible at all times.

· Scientific analyzing takes a lot of time.

· Needs precise analysis, to space for mistakes.


From fall 2009 through spring 2011, overall success rates for Anthropology held within 2 percentage points (67-69%)- 2,Mireille Giovanola

But on the other hand the success rate of blood analysis is 91%


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