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How Is The World Affected by Global Warming

Water Levels Rising, Earth Going Under!

Did you know that on Global Average sea levels have increased by 8 inches since 1880, and by 2050 water leves are expected to rise 6-16 more inches! Plus adding another 50 years, by 2100 water leves in the south are expected to rise 48-78 more inches, and with the heat waves and warming waters going on throughout the world, the ice caps are melting causing water levels to rapidly increase! We, the people need to stand up and make this known! Unless you want to be swimming in Atlantis!

April 28, 2016

Hurricane Season Has Been a Dud- so Far.

Have you been aware that hurricane season is approaching really quick! Here are some things you may take into consideration and help the earth get better!

GreenHouse gases have caused increased temperatures to help cause heatwaves and hurricanes. Records of 1878 to present have shown an increase in Atlantic Tropical Storms. The maximum stimulated winds from hurricanes have reached, (50 m/s) (miles per second)! Thats Bad!

If water levels increase by 10% in the atlantic class 10-11 hurricanes will be 10 times more effective in the south! Possibly putting Hundreds of familys homeless.

What can we do as an economy to prevent this from happening?

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Are You Hotter Than The Sun?

Did you know that the Global surface temperatures have increased about 0.3-0.6°C in the last 150 years, causing increaed temperatures and deaths worldwide. If heatwaves increase anymore, Deaths/Sicknesses will increase. In 1995 nearly 500 people alone died in Chicago during a severe heatwave. Heatwaves have increased Cardiovascular and respitory disorders in eldery.

Is there any way we can beat the heat?


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