The Wandering Hill

By Larry McMurtry


The Wandering Hill takes place on the unexplored frontier of America in the 1830s. The plot is about an English family and a group of mountain men that have become family and survive together. They must struggle with Indians, wildlife, and the clashing culture of sophisticated English and rugged mountain men. They must survive Indian attacks, harsh winters, and stampeeding buffalo. And during all of this they have to get along and raise children.


I enjoyed this book, although it was not the best i have ever read. It had enough action and excitement to keep you entertained, but there was a slow part in there every once and a while. I would reccomend this book to anyone who enjoys the outdoors, hunting, and survival.

Character one

Tasmin Berrybender- Tasmin is the daughter of Lord Berrybender they are the English family. Tasmin is married to Jim Snow a mountain man that struggles restraining the outspoken English woman. Tasmin is very attractive and enjoys messing with the mountain men, she is opionated and will speak her mind even if she is smacked because of it.

Character two

Jim Snow- Jim Snow is a respected man by his fellow mountain men and by the Indians that fear him and know him as the "Sin Killer". This is the second book of the series and in the first Jim Snow killed a lot of Indians so he got the name of sin killer.

Character three

Lord Berrybender- Lord Berrybender is a drunken crazy man, his wife died in book one. He only cares about himself, his main interests are hunting and sex.

Favorite Passage

Then Tasmin smelled the dust and heard the rumble. To the west the whole horizon was dust-clouds of it rose high in the sky. It was a moment more before she saw the buffalo, throwing up the dust as they raced in a great stampede, right toward the two puny, speeding vehicles-thousands and thousands of buffalo, running as one beast and shaking the ground they came. Tasmin wishe sheahad stayed with Jim-if they were all going to die, let it be together. The little hills they were racing toward seemed infinitely distant, the buffalo not nearly so far-she already felt choked by the smell of the dust. This was my favorite part because it was building a lot of suspense and it was good action.
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Jeremiah Johnson kills Crow assassins

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