By Cooper Keilson

Some back ground info about ireland

An island in the eastern part of the North Atlantic exactly west of the United Kingdom. Ireland stands on an area of 70,280 sq km. Also the island's length is 486 km North to South.

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Geographic Information

task three

Ireland is a parliamentary democracy. Michael D. HIGGINS is the leader of Ireland. Ireland is a rebulic.You are responsible for deducting the correct amount of tax in ireland

task four economy

Ireland currency is euro. 1 euro equals 1.10 american dollars. scented mixtures and computers using the 1992 revision of the HS (Harmonized System) classification. the GDP for Ireland is 232.1 billion USD

task five

These have been the subject of debate, including about the nature of ethincity, how or whether it can be categoreid.Education is reqiured for children in Ireland from the ages of six to sixteen or until students have completed three years of second-level education.

task 6

The 1991 census lists 92% of the population of the Republic of Ireland as Roman Catholic, Church of Ireland: 2.35%; Presbyterian: 0.37%; Methodist: 0.14% Jewish 0.04%, Islamic: 0.11%, Jehovah's Witnesses: 0.10%, with misc. religions or a claim of no specific religious beliefs making up the other 4.89% of the population. Irish is a Celtic language spoken in mainly Ireland.
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task seven

St. Patrick's Festival. Christmas in Ireland is a big celebration and The Irish Bloomsday celebration.
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