The Magic Lamp

By: Missy Hostetter

There once was a poor man that was trying to find a way to earn money to buy food. The man’s name was Robert. Robert was walking across the street and saw a lamp he thought he could earn some money if he could only shine it up. He walked across the street and picked up the lamp. He rubbed the lamp three times with his jacket. The ground started to raddle and quake. The lamp lit up, and Robert started to shake is fear. The lamp started to crack open. “Good morning!” said a green creature from inside the broken lamp. “It’s an alien,” Robert screamed in fear.

“The name is Genie,” the creature said. “I am here to grant you three wishes,” Genie said. “Three wishes,” Robert paused to think. Maybe I could ask for all the riches of the world, he thought, that’s sounds good. “I wish for all the riches of the world,” Robert said with a grin. “Ok,” Genie replied and snapped his fingers. The next thing Robert knew he was surrounded and covered in gems. “My second wish is to have the biggest palace in the world,” Robert said. The Genie frowned and snapped his fingers for the second time. Robert had a smile bigger than his face when he saw the golden floors of his new home. “My last wish is to rule the world,” Robert nearly yelled. The Genies eyes dropped and sorrow filled his soul. The Genie snapped his fingers and disappeared into thin air. Robert ran to the window and saw far beyond his imagination. The skies where black and he saw slaves working under his power the whole world was under his command. “Genie, Genie,” Robert yelled, but nothing happened. Robert was the saddest man alive and there was nothing to fix it.

Theme: Greed leads to a fall.