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Hey it's Vania!

Just wanted to touch base with you to

share a few "goodies"...

I've been following the 5FD system and

already have [87] leads and have made

roughly [$200] in commissions! Not bad!

I've been finding that solo ads and

banner ads have been working well

for me, especially when I do a little

bargain hunting and wheeling and

dealing with sellers.

For example, I got two solo ads for

the price of one just by asking...

And I emailed the owner of a pretty

popular Internet marketing related

membership site, to see about getting

a banner ad for 5FD placed inside his

member area on the member home page...

And he accepted! ...And I know that

there are tens of thousands of "digital"

products with download pages or member

areas where banners could be placed. So

I'm gonna continue looking for similar

spots and good deals.

Just thought this info might help you

out as well!

The cool thing about doing email solo ads

is that you get a RUSH of instant traffic when

the solo ad goes out to the owner's list.

And with banner ads, once the banner ad

is placed it's AUTOPILOT traffic - which is


5FD rocks!!


Anyhow, I hope you're doing well and talk