Newsletter Week 6 Term 3

Kaimai School 30 August 2022


Nau mai haere mai,

A special welcome to Lucus and Pheonix who have started at Kaimai School this week. They have moved from the South Island to our area and we are very excited to have them join our school. Lucus is in Ruma Kea and Pheonix is in Ruma Keruru. We know you will make them feel very welcome.

Our Choir is taking part in the Tauranga Schools Choir Performance this evening. They have spent the day at the theatre rehearsing and getting ready for the show tonight. A special thank you to Lynne Sperring for organising and overseeing this group. Of course, a big thank you to the parents who were able to help with transport as well.

We are very lucky to have the programme Zero Waste in school this week. Your child will have lots to talk about.

Take care and if you would like to get in touch, please phone or email



Kei te pai to our value certificate recipients. You are shining!

Tough Guy and Gal Challenge

We had a group of children who participated in the Tough Guy and Gal Challenge in Rotorua last week. This event has been a long time coming and applications went in earlier this year. The photos say it all! Lots of mud, slush, climbing, running, slipping and a whole heap of fun. A special thank you to the helpers who provide transport and supervision. We hope the showers at the end of the event were lovely and warm!
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Student Cellphone use at Kaimai School

We wanted to share our procedures around cell phone use for students at our school. We don't encourage students to bring cellphones, however we do understand that they are needed for some after school situations.

Our procedures are:

  • cellphones are handed in to the class teacher at the start of the school day and given back at the end of the day
  • if whanau need to get in contact with a child, please contact the school office 07 543 0999 and we will pass the message on
  • for bus students, cellphones can be checked before getting on the bus, but are not to be used while on the bus.

We thank you so much for your support!

Our new addition

Mrs Pettigrew popped into the staffroom yesterday to introduce us to Hudson. He is just such a cutie, with a head full of glorious dark hair. Hudson is just over two weeks old and Eilidh has settled well into mum life. We were so grateful for those baby cuddles!

Zero Waste

This week we are lucky enough to have Josephine from Zero Waste Education come in to discuss with our students the links between the earth's natural resources, the products we use and see around us and the resulting waste that can pollute our environment. With a strong focus on specific solutions to current waste problems.

Respect Whakatue

Respect, Whakatue is one of our very important school values. Over the next few weeks we are going to be focusing on what respect looks like, sounds like and feels like at Kaimai School. Respect can be summed up this way: It's about treating others as you would like to be treated. We would love you to ask your children to tell you some of the ways they have been respectful each day.

Communication at Kaimai

Kaimai School is a Restorative Practice School. We want to make sure that we address any issues or concerns that arise using our restorative process. Here is some key information for you to direct you to procedures in school.

  • If you have a concern about your own child or one of our other students, contact the student's class teacher or the principal to discuss the matter. The school monitors, records, and responds appropriately to any concerns about a student's safety and welfare.

If your concern relates to another student, you must not approach that student or their parents/caregivers/whānau directly. Speak to their teacher or the principal.

  • If you have a general concern about the school or its programmes, discuss it with the person involved or the principal.
  • If you have a concern about another parent, caregiver, or member of the school community on a school-related matter, raise this with the principal.

Please note that if there has been an issue between students at school/on the bus and you have contacted us to follow this up, we will talk to all parties involved. Please respect teacher's time outside of school business hours. Our staff have families at home, and are unable to address the issue until they are on site, the next day. We thank you in advance for this.

Do you have these that you no longer need?

We are wanting to build our resources in school to support our tamariki in their learning and play. Before we purchase, we thought we would check to see if you have any of these items in your cupboards that you no longer need:
  • lego
  • construction equipment for kids, mobilo , connetix, magnetic tiles etc
  • completed puzzles (all ages)
  • board games for kids

If you do, if they are in excellent condition, then yes please, we would love them! Just drop them to the school office.

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Upcoming Events

  • Kiwi Can - every Friday
  • Zero waste - 29 August for the week
  • Choir performance - 30- August
  • Conservation Week - 05 - September
  • Wig Wednesday (crazy hair day) - 07 September
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Thought for the Week

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