December Library News

Overdue Notices in Your Box

I placed overdue notices in your box this afternoon. Please help me with trying to get these books turned in or renewed before we leave for the holidays Friday! Any help you can give me will be much appreciated! I will send home personal overdue notes on Tuesday.

Have Your Students Met Their Goal?

Please stay on top of your student's AR reading goal for this nine weeks. We have until Friday to make sure as many students meet their goal as humanly possible. :) I know this is a busy time of year, but I have some serious concerns about a handful of kids. The important thing to remember is: if a student did not meet his/her goal for the first nine weeks, and then they do not meet his/her goal for THIS nine weeks, they are already out of the Reading Celebration! If we think getting them to read now is tough, think how hard it will be when they don't have that to look forward to. Please help me make sure as many as possible are obtaining those goals. It takes a village. :)

Bluebonnet Reading Club in Full Swing

Students have been introduced to and encouraged to read from the Bluebonnet Reading list for this year. The goal is five books from the list to be eligible to vote and ten books from the list to be invited to the Bluebonnet Reading party. The deadline for this goal is January 22nd. It is perfectly acceptable for teachers to read a Bluebonnet book to their class! Let me know if you need one to read!

Name That Book Reading Teams Forming Soon

This year I am handling the NTB reading club a bit different. Last year it became somewhat of a babysitting service. I am working to avoid that trap this year. Here is how it will work:


I will begin reading at least 10 of the books from the NTB list to our K-2nd graders in January. On February 5th I will give hold a campus competition for interested students. The competition will be based on the ten books that I have read to students. The competition will determine the top six students (plus one alternate). This group will then begin meeting for NTB practice once a week after school. This group MUST agree to completing the reading list on their own. A letter explaining the process and determining interest in participation will be sent home this week.

3rd and 4th:

A letter will go home this week explaining this year's process for determining NTB team members. Attached to the letter will be the list of this year's books. I have placed an asterisk next to ten of the titles. Student interested in being on our team this year are expected to read those ten titles by February 5th. On February 5th we will hold a campus competition amongst the students who have shown interest and read the list of ten titles. Based on that competition, we will build a team of six members (and one alternate). The chosen members MUST agree to completing the remaining list by April 9th. They must also agree to meet after school once a week to practice for the district competition to be held on April 9th.