How we can use it to make a better enviroment


Recycling is when you convert waste into resuable material to help the enviroment.

In 1973, not a single curbside recycling program existed in the United States. Today, there are more than 8,000 in operation throughout the country. The United States now recycles one third of its municipal waste, trash we generate in our homes, schools and non-industrial businesses, compared to just 6 percent in 1960. But despite the growing popularity of recycling, it's being outpaced by the volume of garbage we produce. In a signle year we recycle about 81 million tons of just regular waste. Today, Americans create 250 million tons of municipal waste in a year, and about 15 billion tons a year of all other types of industrial wastes. Todays scientist say that if more bulidings dont start to use recycled materials to generate power, or have some type of recycled process to run the power there plantions of manufractures will kill the enviroment faster.

Pros Vs. Cons

  • Recycling waste newsprint, cardboard, glass and metal can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 850 pounds a year!
  • Five recycled plastic bottles make enough fiberfill to stuff a ski jacket-good for falling.
  • Recycled aluminum saves 95% energy vs. virgin aluminum; recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run to a TV for 3 hours! ONE CAN!
  • Recycled aluminum reduces pollution by 95%.
  • One ton of recycled paper saves 3,700 pounds of lumber and 24,000 gallons of water-2000 pounds of paper.
  • Recycled Glass generates 20% less air pollution and 50% less water pollution.


  • Every Sunday the United States wastes nearly 90% of the recyclable newspaper. This wastes about 500,000 trees!!

  • We used enough plastic wrap to wrap all of Texas every year.

  • Disposable napkins take 500 years to decompose.!!!!!!

  • It takes 75,000 trees to print a Sunday Edition of the New York Times.

  • We use enough plastic wrap to wrap all of Texas every year.

  • In this decade it is projected that Americans will throw away over 1 million tons of aluminum cans and foil, more then 11 million tons of glass and bottles and jars, over 4 and a half million tons of office paper and nearly 10 million tons of newspaper. Almost all of this material can be recycled.

Government on Recycling

  • The government every year is starting up new recycling campaigns to help the environment
  • The government is donating millions of dollars each year to the recycling programs to help the cause