Pre-College Outreach

Pathway to Accelerated College Admissions

What is the Early College Admissions Program (3-1-3)?

3-1-3 is an early enrollment program at SUNY Fredonia. It provides regional high school seniors with a very robust personal and academic experience in preparation college.

3-1-3 is like an academic study abroad experience without leaving home. It provides you the opportunity to tryout what it’s like to live and learn as a college student. Enjoy exposure to clubs, activities, and events. Engage in services and resources that all Fredonia students have access to while receiving college credit, such as the gym facilities, radio and TV stations, natatorium, tutoring, and the library.

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"It seems like every year of middle and high school have been the same thing, and I really want a change. As much as I love my friends, I am eager to see new faces and meet new people. 3-1-3 has been something I’ve been looking forward to since my freshman year of high school. I think it will be a great opportunity to gain college experience and help me with the transition out of high school."

-Current Student Reflection

How can you benefit from participating in 3-1-3?

  • Early Acceptance to SUNY Fredonia

  • Full Immersion to a college experience

  • Coursework/Credits guaranteed transfer to Fredonia and other SUNY schools

  • Practice self management and time management

  • Complete High School requirements simultaneously or explore a potential major

Why should I join 3-1-3?

1. Fast Track

Earn 3-12+ college credits while completing your high school requirements.

2. Career Curious

Try classes in a major you are interested in exploring.

3. Be Prepared

This is an opportunity to learn how to be a successful student.

Applications are due April 15, 2018

Differences between Fredonia's Early Admit Program and A.P.

Fredonia's Early Admit Program

  • Early Acceptance to SUNY Fredonia (Senior Year of HS)
  • Full Immersion into a college experience
  • Coursework/Credits guaranteed transfer to Fredonia and other SUNY schools

Advanced Placement (AP)

  • Coursework completed at high school
  • Credits not guaranteed to transfer, dependant upon test score and university policy
  • Coursework extended over a full year.
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What's the cost?

The cost depends on how many credits you choose to take per semester; most classes are 3 credits. Payment would be due prior to the beginning of each semester. Payment plans are available, however financial aid is not applicable to this experience.
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  • May 1: School Deposits are Due

  • Early-Mid May: We are coming to your school for advising! (Email coming soon)

  • Monday, June 4: 3-1-3 Kick-off Celebration with current and entering 3-1-3 students

    • 5:30pm, Location TBA

  • August 7: 3-1-3 Jump Start Day

    • 2-4pm, Location TBA

  • August 24-26: New Student Orientation

    • There will be a key event each day

  • August 27- First Day of Classes

Looking for more information?

For any further questions, please call us today at (716) 673-4969. Visit us today on campus or ask us to come to your school.