Social Officer Tryout

Lauren Seaton

Being a social officer....

Being a social officer would be a privilege and would allow me to assist the team in ways that will allow me to grow as a person. I believe that I possess many essential qualities necessary to be a social officer and I hope that through this essay and the information that follows that I am able to convey my passion for this team and my desire to be a well rounded social officer.

One characteristic of myself that I feel qualifies me for a social officer position is that I am a dedicated worker. I make sure that all given tasks are seen to be fulfilled in the end to their greatest potential. My commitment to everything I do will aid myself and the social officers in foreseeing that everything gets completed. In addition to my dedication to work, my dedication to this team also is a trait well suited for a social officer position. I feel that in order to be an adhesive force to the team, one needs to have their heart in everything that they do. This allows all of the other team members to feed off their attitude and want to strive for greatness, also. My genuine nature aids in the understanding of what I am saying and can be a useful component in the team and social officer line.

Another qualification that I possess that would aid the social officer line is my ability to efficiently solve problems. I have an ability to look at problems and understand them in order to see the best and most productive resolution. In the social officer line this would be very helpful if there was a disagreement or in figuring out possible strategies for executing a plan.

The opportunity to be a social officer would provide me with so many priceless moments that would aid me in my development as a young woman in addition the growth of my character. My strong desire for wanting to be a social officer stems from my infatuation with helping people and being a part of the reason one smiles. The chance to assist in creating memorable moments would be an honor and my pleasure. Being a social officer is a very important element in our team and I understand the responsibility that comes along with any position in the line.

2013-2014 Team Focus

A theme that I feel could be used and incorporated throughout the year is the concept that as a team we are on a safari. I feel that this idea can be used to promote the idea that being on drill team is an adventure, and as long as we follow all the safety rules we will go through our safari safe and with many amazing memories to look back on.

a. Sleepover

· The theme activity completed during sleep over would be similar to an Amazing Race task, or a scavenger hunt. We would set up either cardboard animals or simply just a sign designating a stopping point where teams would be asked to complete a task. These activities would be team building that could range from difficult tasks like building a safari car or simple task, such as imitating an animal. As each team completes a task they will be granted a ‘pass’ to move on to the next station. Through this activity the goal would be to use various components of team building (i.e. communication, cooperation, problem solving).

b. Mid-Football Season

· I had the opportunity at one of my birthday parties to have a guest who brought animals from various places around the world and show them. This program is fairly inexpensive and is a fun and interactive activity that could be held in the gym after band practice. We will be able to pick what animals we wanted, and I feel that this would be a unique experience for the team.

c. Contest Season

· To conclude our safari adventure we could have a diner at the Rainforest Café where we could eat and have fun in an engaging environment. Hopefully they are able to accompany a group as large as us, but I feel that it provides an entertaining aspect to a meal that would allow us add more memories to our adventure.

What is the role of the social officer line in Lariettes?

The role of social officers in Lariettes is to be the backbone and spirit of the team. They are required to maintain the spirits during practice or games, while also being responsible enough to know how to get the equipment to the games and T-shirts deviled to the team. Social Officers are a force on the team that requires young ladies who are able to know when it’s time to have fun and when we all need to pull together in order to have fun. The role of a social is not easy, but is very rewarding when they are able to look at back at the girls and know that they have made the year special and memorable.

In what ways can you personally boost morale on the team? What efforts have you made this year to keep yourself and your peers motivated?

This year offered some times of eminence joy and sorrow and although one could say I remained a quieter team member, I feel that I was still there supporting the team no matter what. In order to keep the team motivated I would always perform tasks in practice without complaining, hoping that the other girls could just focus on the important things like learning choreography instead of how much their sweating.

How important is punctuality? In your opinion have you demonstrated a high level of consideration in regards to being on time to practice, meetings, and performances this year?

My record may not be perfect, but I do feel that being on time is important in order in accomplish the tasks we need to get done. Some days somehow I left so early that I was the first Lariette there and make an awkward walk to the gym and sat by myself, while there were few days when I came in just in time. By everyone being on time, the team is able be in the right mind set and work better as a unit. When one comes running in late, it’s harder to focus because they provide a distraction when they come running across the gym with their bag still in their hand. Although I am an understanding person and know that people have bad days, like the car windshield was frosted over, I feel that a team that is able to get to practice on time functions better overall.

Define integrity in your own words. What would another Lariette have to say about your level of integrity?

Integrity is how one acts without the need to be told what to do, or when no one is there is make sure they are doing the right thing. My hope that another Lariette realizes that I always try my best to uphold the standards of Lariettes in and out of practice by keeping the constitution in mind when I go out and working hard in practice.

What would you do if the director or line officer made a decision that the team did not agree with?

When a decision is made that viewed unfavorably by the team, I realize there is no need to worry because there always needs to be a person making an executive choice in order to be more productive in practice so that there are not a thousand different ideas roaming around. Otherwise, nothing ever gets done. If someone approached me with a complaint, or I overheard heard girls complaining, I would try to explain that in the end it's best for the team, and we all just need to cooperate so that we can remain a strong team.

If there a disagreement within the social officer line, what is the best way to resolve the problem?

Everyone’s ideas and opinions offer a new perspective. Even if I may not agree with them, I feel that by listening to them I become a better-rounded person. When disagreements come around, it’s important to hear everyone’s side so that a productive conclusion can be made. Hopefully all the girls know that we are here making decisions for the team and we all just want the best for all the girls.

A social officer’s work usually gets little praise. How do you feel about this?

Although I realize the importance and the hard work of the social officers, I also realize that it’s hard to realize the sacrifices they make for the team. I feel that these positions are there in order to make the girl’s year run smoothly and so that they can get the optimal drill team experience. Just knowing that I have helped the girls and team is rewarding enough. The purpose of the social officers is not to get all the glory of the team, but to be selfless and want the best for the team at the end of the day.

How do you deal with criticism? How would you deal with a parent who was telling you what you did wrong or needed to do differently in the future?

Everyone has their own opinions and I would evaluate constructive criticism as an opportunity for positive growth. My way, or the way the social officers perform tasks, may not be the most effective or best way in everyone's viewpoint. In dealing with criticism, I keep that in mind and try to see their view and accommodate their wishes or suggestions if possible. If a parent criticizes me or the social officers, I would evaluate this input and consult with the group in order to obtain a satisfactory conclusion for the task that is under question.

Define intuition in your own words. Give example of when this quality is important for a Social Officer?

Intuition is knowing what needs to be done and being able to perform tasks without a higher body forcing or watching you to ensure that you are carrying out the task. This quality would be important if the director was busy or not present and there were still important tasks at hand that needed to be completed at a continuous superior level. By having a sense of intuition in the social officer line, we will be able to be more productive through the year

What role does a social officer have in practice?

During practice the role of the social officer is very crucial because it’s easy for everyone to slip into the attitude that we are tired and make it difficult to get tasks done. Social officers are there to provide support on hot field days, or even hot gym days. They are an important part of the spirit of the team that keeps everyone motivated so that we can perform at a high caliber while still having a great time.

What role does a social officer have during a game or competition?

I believe that the best and easiest role of a social officer is during a game or at contest. Keeping the team pumped and maintaining high spirit is what comes naturally during these events and so the main job becomes in making sure we are all safe, being responsible and taken care of. By making sure everyone has a bible verse and a water bottle at the game, or their contest shirt, becomes very important and those responsibilities are essential to keep up and maintain.

Using the Big Five framework of personality traits from Costa & McCrae, 1992, do a self-analysis of your personality. Which one describes you the most? In your opinion which trait(s) are most suitable or important to being a social officer? Is there a trait that would not be fitting for a position or that you would have trouble working with?

I feel that the character trait that most describes me is agreeableness. I believe that this would strongly contribute to the social officers because it would aid in keeping everyone’s ideas in line so that we do not get too worked up in our own notions and prevent productivity. For the role of social officers, I feel that a cohesive combination of all characteristics are required, however I feel that agreeableness, conscientiousness and extraversion are very essential components. These personalities would most aid in the goal of the social officers that include keeping the team motivated and ensuring that everything is in order for games, contest and other events. A personality that would be difficult to work with would be one who lacked in agreeableness because they would hinder the decision making process and create an unproductive environment.

Explain what you think the role of each of these possible social officers is: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, and Chaplain. Which office do you feel best suited for and why?

Each part of the social officer line crucial for the productiveness and cooperation of the team. The president needs to be strong and have a well-designed vision for the team and have an overall goal in mind. They need to be dedicated and always be looking out for the team’s best interest. Similarly, the vice president needs to work with the president in order to have the team function to its greatest potential. They would assist them in all tasks and keep maintain organization within the social officers. The role of the secretary is to ensure that all venues and paper work are in line. They are required to know what time people need to be places and must be a dependable girl who understands what’s going on. The treasurer’s main goal is to communicate with the LSO to ensure that we have enough money to perform the events and keep track of all of the social’s finances. While on drill team you want to remember all the great events that occurred throughout the year, and the historian is the girl that will aid you in this. Her job is to make sure she captures all the important or even non important silly moments, that happen though the year. Last, but definitely not least, is the role of the Chaplain. I feel that this office would best suit me. This role requires a girl who is able to listen to everyone and make sure that everyone is happy. She is the girl who should be able to rally the team in faith in order to keep them motivated through all chapters of the season. I know that I can perform this task with the help of my faith and my willingness to help others, and my want to please everyone by ensuring their happiness.