Sarah's Haunted House

By: Brooklyn Acosta


Sarah Pardee had everything to look forward to in 1862 when she married William Wirt Winchester. The Winchester's Rifle which was a very famous rifle of the time. Sarah and William live in a large and lovely house in Hew Haven, Connecticut. Soon they had a baby girl named Annie, but Annie died from a mysterious illness. A short while later William also died. Devastated, Sarah thought that the ghosts of the thousands of people who have been killed by the Winchester rifle were haunting her.She lived in solitude not even letting president Roosevelt in her home. So she looked for a Medium so that she could talk to her dead husband and baby. The Adam Coons told Sarah to build a house where the ghosts could live. She worked on the house for the next 38 years before the ghosts broke their promise and she died in 1922 at the age of 85.


The house was on 44 acres of land in San Jose. The house had 160 rooms,47 fireplace,40 staircases 10,000 windows, 52 skylights, 467 doorways, 6 kitchens, formal dining room and grand ballroom. The house had 18, carpenters, 12 gardens, countless plumbers, plasterers, stonemasons and painters that worked 24 hours a day on this house for 38 years.


Sarah's life revolved around the ghosts that she believed inhabited her home. She even asked the ghosts if they like the layout of a room and if they said no she would have it changed or cut out completely. She even set full course meals for the ghosts and was a hostess to them. She never slept in the same room for she feared that the ghosts would find her and kill her.