By Alicia Rivera

What is Sikhism

Sikhism is a Religion created in the 15th century.This religion population is about 20 million people worldwide and its ranked the 5th largest religion.


The temple of Sikhism is in India and its called the golden temple
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Sikhism God

Sikhism's believe in only one God they don't now how God looks like but they always keep she or him in their minds they can judge nobody.They now that being good it's good they try not to do bad to nobody.
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Holy book

The Sikhism Holy book is the Guru Granth Sahib
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We're did it started

Sikhism started in northern India and spread drastically to United states and Canada. It began 500 years ago.


Some of the belifs for Sikhism is....... There's only one God,God is whitout a form or gender,everyone can access to God,Evreyone is equal before God,A good life is by live as part of community and caring for others,Empty rligious rituals and superstitions have no value


They have three main duties

Keeping God in there minds all times

Earning a honest living

Giving to charity and caring for others

The five vices


Covetousness and greed

Attachments to objects in this world