The Divide That Bonds Us

The Reconstruction

How free were African Americans following Reconstruction?

The African Americans were finally from years and years in the chains of slavery, but they are still struggling with equality among the White society.

"Taking advantage of the general disposition in this country to impute crime to color . . . wash off the hated color to escape punishment."

The white people still don't see that African American people are equal. They blame all of the crime and pain on the African people, people of color. When in reality they have done the crimes themselves but wash all of the dirty deeds off to the Africans. Then Africans go to jail for something then never did and don't receive a fair trial.

"We recognize equality of all man before the law . . . exact justice to all, of whatever nativity, race, color, or persuasion, religious or political."

This law clearly states that all men no matter what should receive justice and have all of the same rights as everyone else. The Southern white people got all of there rights but the free slaves didn't even receive half of the rights that are said in this law.

"Although African American leaders proposed numerous programs to challenge the economic, social, and political policies pf the White power structure, some African Americans felt hopeless."

Example: During this time to you had to pay a voting fee before entering, the white people purposely increased the voting prices obviously knowing that the Africans couldn't pay due to their low wage jobs. The African Americans felt hopeless because they knew deep in their hearts that the White people put limitations on these things to exclude them. They knew even if they managed to challenge and succeed that the white society would find a way to stop it.

Important Pictures of The Reconstruction