Imagine the Possibilities


More than 100 families!

This is it. The final leg of our capital campaign journey has begun. There are defining moments in the life of every school and church. Moments that will be judged by future generations. This is one of those moments. Over 100 families have joined in to make a meaningful gift to help acquire the property next door. We only need to raise $900k more! We need everyone to participate to the best of their ability to get over the finish line. Thank you for making a stretch gift to secure the property for future generations of Saint Andrew's families. We appreciate your support.

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Fulfilling Our Legacy

The Rev. Strasburger’s dream that one day the three-acre woodland property would be owned by Saint Andrew’s, and the original vision of a comprehensive campus would be realized, has since been carried forward by our entire community for over 50 years and can finally be realized.

Fulfilling this vision and completing the effort will ensure a vibrant future for Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church and School. The property will allow Saint Andrew’s to grow in an organic manner that will take into consideration and respect the importance of natural beauty. It will also give us room to grow physically and allow for the opportunity to create additional facilities that will better serve our children and our community.

The peaceful surrounding of the oak woodland as part of our Saint Andrew’s grounds will provide opportunities to gather, reflect, study, and play; and will also set us apart from other schools located in more urban surroundings. Imagine the numerous memories and wonderful moments that will be experienced by our community when our campus is connected by this property.

The Pie Challenge

We continue to make strides in the Imagine the Possibilities campaign. We are at $4.1 million raised to date. We need everyone’s help now to raise the last $900k. We are throwing down the gauntlet and challenging our community to The Pie Challenge. If we receive at least 100 more gifts by Mother's Day, you and your family will be invited to a pie party featuring delicious handmade pies, including Mrs. Banakas famous pecan pie! We can do it if everyone joins together to make The Pie Challenge a success.

Watch for more news about The Pie Challenge kick off after the Easter holiday and encourage your friends to join in. All gifts no matter the size are very much appreciated!

Why I Give?

People answer this question in many different ways. They give because they want to make a difference. They are giving back to their community that has offered them so much. They want to help future generations. They believe that "it is better to give than receive". Check out this insightful link by Lucy Bernholz about why she gives and join the conversation.

Questions about the Capital Campaign:

Please touch base with Joanne Lee, the Director of Development, if you have questions about the capital campaign. She can answer them! Call, email or drop by anytime! Her email address is