Performance Task

By: Evan Lorek


perseverance is when something is hard or difficult and you don't stop you keep fighting to Finished what you started.

The people that i picked for my performance task they had to persevered through there life.

Triumphs in their Lives (Compare/Contrast)

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The orphan train rider

During the time the parents were not making enough money and didn’t have jobs. The inventions of farm machinery meant that fewer workers were needed on farms.

Immigrants came to the United States and competed with Americans for jobs. People competed for the factory jobs so the factories didn’t have to pay as much.

Parents didn’t have money so they couldn’t take care of their kids so the kids became orphans.

The kids either sleep on the streets or join the orphan train.

They would eventually find people to take care of them but sometimes the siblings would get separated up.

Mom died and dad couldn’t afford to take care of Lee and his siblings. Lee, Leo and Gerald were sent to the orphan train to find new parents. They were adopted by different families and were separated. Finally, Lee got united with some of his siblings.

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This is one of the orphan trains and A quarter million children rode the orphan trains from 1854 to 1929.


Event #2 (Nadja went to the Julliard college.)

Event #3 (Nadja stopped playing the violin for 7 months.)

Event #4 (She didn’t touch the violin in more than half a year)

Event #5 (she sign up in the naumburg competition. )

Event #6 (her eating habits were awful for 8 weeks.)

Event #7 (she set her apartment on fire. )

Event #8 (she had been playing the tchaik piece for 3 years. )

Event #9 (she played her weak price in the semifinals.)

Event #10 (she won the competition.)
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Nadja plays the violin