Divorced Parents & Children

Advice for divorced parents with children

Stress for Children

For children, divorce between parents can be very stressful. Kids may feel angry or confused on why this is happening to their parents... A lot of kids end up choosing a side, and blaming the other parent for the divorce. This is a way the kids cope from the stress and emotions. More than likely, if the child is young, the parents won't tell them everything thats going on, and the child may feel like their parents are hiding stuff from them.

What a Child Needs From Their Mom and Dad...

- The child needs both parents to stay involved in their life

- For parents to realize that fighting in front of your children will lead to stress for the kids

- The child needs love and protection, and to still feel like they're a family

- Parents need to communicate with each other directly, and not make their child send messages back and forth

- Parents should never talk bad about the other parent in from of the child

What to Tell Your Kids:

1. Tell the truth - do not lie to your children, this will lead to mistrust

2. Remind your children that you love them, and none of this is their fault

3. Address the changes - let your child know that changes will be happening, so they're not shocked when one parent moves out, or vice versa

Help Your Children Cope...

  • LISTEN to what your child says, and how they're feeling
  • HELP them find words to express how they feel
  • LET your child be honest
  • REASSURE your child that everything will be okay