by Tai.

What are Humanists?

Humanists are people that follow the way of philosophical and ethical stances that values the agency of beings, they are people who prefer critical thinking and evidence, meaning they reject religion.
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Why is it important?

Well, even though most people dislike the idea of rejecting religion, without the idea of Humanism, the Renaissance and the modern world would be drastically changed, because of the existence of Humanism at that time, it eliminated the chance of the Church keeping its great power and influencing the minds of people. Without Humanism, there wouldn't be the great paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci and it's literature. Through Humanism, we have advanced in technology and science.
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My views on Humanism.

I choose to accept Humanism, for what it is, but that does not mean I will follow it, I also do not honestly believe in religion, but I choose to accept it's existence, but I am open minded, and wouldn't mind listening to a religious persons side of what they think of humanism.
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