The Federalist Party

By: Kaden and Ben

Party Platform

Leader: Alexander Hamilton
-Rule by the wealthy class
-Emphasis on manufacturing
-Loose interpretation of the Constitution
-British Alliance
-National Bank
-Protective tariffs

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Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton was born January 11, 1755 and lived to July 12, 1804. He was a Founding Father of the United States. He was one of the most influential promoters of the Constitution, the founder of the nation's financial system, and the founder of the first American political party.

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Federalist Logo

The Federalist party was founded in 1792 and dissolved in 1824.
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Picture Caption

This picture represents cutting things so we can get more money. So, in this example, we can only choose once.


-We will de-rank if we don't get a bank

-Equality is the reality in patrionism


We need to have a strong national government. If we don't the states would be like individual countries. We also need a bank. Without a bank we can't pay off the debt to Britain as well.