I am starting this month's newsletter with reminders from the office as office staff often gets calls or emails that are included in these reminders.

ABSENTEE SAFE SCHOOLS LINE - Please call 484-266-1410 and leave a message when you know your child will be absent from school or late. You can call the number anytime, 24 hours. Do not call 484-266-1400, 1402 or 1401(Dr. Alston) to report an absence. It is not necessary to email office staff, teacher or Dr. Alston to report an absence. -USE THE SAFE SCHOOLS LINE.

VACATION REQUESTS - When needing vacation time, email the vacation request form to Dr. Alston ( and cc Kathy Nagorny ( The form can be found on the school website.

VISITING THE SCHOOL - When initially visiting the school, your license will need to be scanned. If you know your license has not been scanned, please bring it with you. Licenses are scanned twice a year.

CONTACTING STAFF - All staff email is first initial, last name ( Please be aware that teachers are afforded twenty-four hours to respond to email or phone calls. In most instances, they will respond sooner. Staff is not required to respond before or beyond their work day or on the weekends.

STUDENT DROP OFF - Drop off is from 8:15-8:35 on the playground. The doors will close at 8:35. Students will need to be brought to the main office after this time.

FORGOTTEN ITEMS FROM HOME - Items may be dropped of in the office lobby. Labels are available to mark the item(s).

CAR LINE STUDENT PM PICK UP - Pick up will begin at 3:10 dismissal.

ACTIVITY FEE - Just a reminder, if your student will be participating in Chorus, Band, Orchestra (Honors as well), and After School Sports, and you need to pay the $25 fee. It is a one time fee. Two reminders for non-payment will be sent prior to a student being dropped from the activity.

CLEARANCES - Clearances are good for five years from the date they were issued. Please make sure your clearances are current as they are required to chaperone field trips and to volunteer. All parent volunteers are asked to follow the mask requirements. Please check to see if your clearances are current or expired prior to calling the office to ask.


Finally, we will be up and running with PICK UP PATROL!

Dismissal Changes

PickUp Patrol is the system we will be using to manage dismissal time and for parents to communicate changes to their student’s regular dismissal plans. Changes can be entered from a smartphone or computer days, weeks, or months in advance, and at any time up until PARENT CUTOFF TIME on the day of the change. After PARENT CUTOFF TIME, changes will not be accepted except in the case of an emergency. The end of the school day is a busy time. To ensure the safety of all students, please plan accordingly and limit these exceptions to emergencies ONLY.

PickUp Patrol will save a great deal of time in the office and will reduce interruptions in our classrooms—while also providing you with a convenient way to make changes to your student’s dismissal plans. Most importantly, it helps us ensure that all of our students are safely dismissed to their correct after-school destinations.

Absence Reporting

You will also be able to use PickUp Patrol to report ALL absences. However, you may still use the Safe Schools phone line.

How does this all work?

Parents will receive an email, from Mrs. Spranger, via School Messenger with instructions for how to register and use PickUp Patrol. Be on the look out.


Parent-Teacher conferences will be held this month. Mark your calendar with the dates: November 22, 23, 24. Parents will have the option of an in-person, phone or Zoom conference. All conferences will be twenty minutes. You will be able to sign up for a conference electronically via PTC. Information for signing up will be under a separate communication this week. As a reminder, parents will be required to wear a mask during in-person conferences


Trunk-or-Treat was a huge success!!!! The trunks are always creative and the candy is always a big hit! Many thanks to our families who participated with decorating their trunks or donated candy. A HUGE shout out to Mrs. Secamiglio and Mrs. Higgins for all of their hard work in bringing it all together.


Mrs. Taylor has scheduled a Book Fair! Unfortunately, she could not get it scheduled during conferences. The dates for the fair are below under Mark Your Calendar. You will have the option to order on-line or come in to purchase in person.


There are over 60 outstanding dental and physical exams that are PAST DUE! We understand that the ongoing Covid pandemic is a large contributor. To this end, an extension has been granted until Monday, November 29th (the day we return from Thanksgiving break).

Mrs. Stavely will be sending notices, home in bookbags, the week of November 1st. Phone call reminders will be conducted the week of November 8th. E-mail reminders will go out the week of November 15th.

Parents have a number of ways that they can meet the requirement for these exams.

  1. Provide paperwork from exam
  2. Provide date that exam will be completed
  3. Provide permission for exam to be done at school
  4. Sign waiver for exemption to exam

Failure to respond will result in your child being excluded from school on Monday, November 29th. Please contact Mrs. Stavely if you have questions or need assistance at 484-266-1406. E-mail is Fax is 484-266-1499.


As you know, we have had several, positive Covid cases involving students. Thank you to parents that keep us alerted to positive cases or close contacts. This is HUGE in helping to keep us safe and healthy. Per guidelines, we must contact trace when there is a positive case. Contact tracing is quite an undertaking and time consuming on the nurse, front office staff and myself. Per the communication I send when there is a case, if a student has been in close contact, those parents are notified. Our nurse, Mrs. Stavely communicates with the Nurse Supervisor in instances of students needing to quarantine. Students needing to quarantine is not meant to be an inconvenience to parents, although we realize it can be for working parents. Having students quarantine is a means to keep students and staff safe and healthy.

It's a good day or week when we do not receive notification of a positive case. Please continue to do the Daily Home Check. Contact the nurse’s office if your child or another person in the household is getting a test for Covid-19. Keep your child home if he/she is waiting for test results or if your child has a known exposure to someone who tests positive for Covid-19.


This trimester's focus has been Self-Awareness and Self-Management. With self-awareness, we want students to be able to: identify their emotions, identify their strengths and use a growth mindset to face challenges. With self-management, we want students to: manage their emotions, recognize what causes them stress, use calm-down strategies to help them focus on their work, set positive goals, and identify and implements skills for learning - focus attention, listen, use self-talk and be assertive. Teachers have been discussing these SEL competencies with students & practicing in class. These skills are also covered in the Second-Step program. These same skills/competencies can be practiced at home. How you wonder? View the video to find out.


Learn about and understand the experiences of those in our very own school community.

November is Native American Heritage Month. To learn more about it, click here.

November 1 and 2 - El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Learn more about this holiday here

November 4 – Diwali

Let’s Celebrate 5 Days of Diwali read aloud video

National Geographic video

Jalebi Street video


Just as our water bottle supply is quickly becoming depleted, I've been informed that our two water filling stations will be installed on Thursday, November 4th. Yes, this week! One will be located outside of the gym. The other, in the cafeteria. Thank you to any and all parents who have graciously donated water to classrooms. Much appreciated!


2 - No school for students, teacher in-service

4 - No school, Diwali

7 - Daylight Savings Time, turn clocks back one hour

22, 23, 24 - Parent-Teacher Conferences

22nd and 23rd are half days for students (11:40 dismissal)

There is no school for students on the 24th

25, 26 - Schools and offices closed, Thanksgiving

29 - 12/7 - Book Fair

30 - Picture re-takes