5 Mobile Apps For The Classroom

Using Apps in a PE Setting

My Fitness Pal

This app has one of the most comprehensive calorie counters that I have come across and accounts for both physical activity as well as diet. Although I do not want to emphasize to students that counting calories is necessary, this app has important implications for giving students a very realistic idea of their energy output versus their energy input. As well, the app has an excellent feature that shows the quality of diet in relation to the vitamins, mineral, sodium and fat content consumed. Since the PE curriculum requires discussion about lifestyle and nutrition, this app can help students develop a better understanding of their personal habits. To include this app in my teaching I would have students download it (it's free) and track their activity and diet for one week, of which they would write a journal entry about after.

Introduction to MyFitnessPal

Nike Training Club

Although my goal is to keep students as active as possible there are times where I won't see them for an extended period of time (ex. summer/winter holidays, school schedules etc.). For those students who still want to work out and exercise outside of class time the Nike Training Club app has excellent workouts that are developed at a variety of different levels and users can choose their goal to focus on, whether it be strength, cardio or toning. As well, the workouts generally require a very limited amount of space and equipment which enables students to exercise almost anywhere. This app has practical implications as it provides students with guided exercise instruction when I am not available to do so.

Coach's Eye

Coach's Eye is a video app that allows the coach or teacher to record the student performing an activity or skill and place it in slow motion for analysis and break down. This has practical applications for the PE classroom as the teacher can record skill testing situations and take them home for further review. This allows the teacher to make a more accurate performance assessment. As well, this app can be used as a teaching tool, as many students have a difficult time correcting a physical movement until they can visually see what they are doing. To enhance this further, the app also allows you to view a professional completing the skill or movement so students can see what it is supposed to look like and compare that to what they are doing.

PE Games

An app with a continuously updated database of Physical Education games. Organized based on a variety of skill focuses and includes rules, equipment and space required. This app would be very useful for when you want to introduce something new to the students or if you are looking for a warm-up game to match the skills you are working on that day.

Music Workout- Interval Timer

This app can be used in the classroom by providing timed intervals that the students work to. It can be programmed to use your own music and playlists so you can ensure that appropriate and energetic music is played to accompany the circuit/interval sets they are completing. Allows for you to create multiple different workouts and lets you choose whether warm-up or cool-down time should be included.