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To help keep everyone updated on what's going on with educational technology here at Broaddus ISD, I will be sending this newsletter periodically. It will include any news for our district, training information, and technology tips you might find useful.
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Elementary Computer Lab

The elementary computer lab is in the process of getting an upgrade. All of the machines have been upgraded to Windows 10, and The Nerd Herd (my high school tech team) and I are in the process of building new computers. So far there are 10 new computers in the lab. The older machines have had their hard drives replaced and more RAM added to help them run better. By the end of the school year, the lab should be filled with all new computers!

And...a big thank you to Robert for adding cleaning the computer lab twice a week to his cleaning duties! Please encourage your students to keep the lab neat to help him out!

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March Trainings

Starting this month I will be offering trainings during conference periods for teachers and staff to sign up for. The process will be simple.

  • I'll send out a Google Form.
  • You choose what training you would like and what time you can come.
  • You show up at a computer lab at that time to do the training.

All trainings will be online and work at your own pace, but I will be available to help you! Be on the lookout for the sign up!

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Tech Tip - How to Make a Newsletter Like This

This newsletter is created using Smore. Smore flyers are very easy to make, and many schools & teachers use them to create newsletters to share information with parents. A free account for Smore only gives you 5 flyers, but you can just use the same flyer over and over!

  • You can share your Smores through email, Facebook, Twitter, on a website, etc.
  • Smore also gives you analytics to show you how many people are reading your flyer.
  • If you are interested in a premium account with more bells & whistles, for teachers it is $59/year.

Click here to try Smore out!