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August 7, 2020

Principal's Message

Hello Lowell Families!

It has been months since we have had our students back at Lowell. They were missed!! We are thrilled to be learning together again!! We have had two great days this week with our Lowell Leopards! Students are off to a great start, and we are looking forward to a fabulous 2020-2021 year of learning!

For our families who are participating in virtual learning, thank you so much for your patience as we continue to work through scheduling students and correcting some technical glitches. We appreciate your understanding! Please know that our virtual teachers are working hard to get students connnected and set up for learning. If you have questions or need support with your child's virtual learning, please don't hesitate to reach out. We will do our best to help out and answer your questions.

We want to extend a big thank you to our parents for supporting our SAFE Reopening plan by sending students to school prepared with masks and with an understanding of our new procedures and expectations. Our students did a great job with this new normal this week! That is in large part due to the committment of our parents to support our safe plan and to prepare our students in advance of these changes. Thank you so much for your support of our school and our district!

Have a great weekend! Take care! Be safe!

Mrs. Griffin

Welcome to Lowell!!

We want to welcome two new teachers to our Lowell Staff! Mrs. Kelley Humphreys has worked in Warren for many years and has joined our Lowell staff as a second grade teacher this year. Ms. Bailey Grandt comes to us with experience in a neighboring district and will be teaching kindergarten this year. We are thrilled to have both join our Lowell team!!

Student Devices -- Please Return Student Devices Next Week

Students who will be physically present at Lowell for the 20-21 school year are asked to bring their devices back to school with them as soon as possible. Items to be returned are:

  • iPad or Chromebook
  • Charging/Power Cord
  • Device Case

Students who will be participating in virtual learning will keep their devices at home with them in order to support their learning. If students have not brought devices back to school yet, please do so next week! These devices are needed in the classroom for different learning activities. We appreciate your support in getting devices returned to school as soon as possible!


Our car rider line has changed locations! The car rider drop-off and pick-up line is now on the SOUTH SIDE (Raymond Street) of the building. DO NOT ENTER OFF OF HUNTER ROAD. All car riders will enter the line off of Raymond Street. There is a circular drive that cars will follow around to the sidewalk. Pull your car to the end of the sidewalk, place your car in park, and wait for staff to signal that students may be released from cars. DO NOT RELEASE STUDENTS UNTIL STAFF IS OUTSIDE AND INDICATES THAT STUDENTS MAY BE RELEASED FROM VEHICLE. WE WILL BEGIN TO RELEASE STUDENTS AT 7:55AM. STUDENTS MUST WEAR A FACE COVERING WHEN EXITING THE VEHICLE. PARENTS ARE TO REMAIN IN CARS AT ALL TIMES AND CANNOT EXIT THE VEHICLE TO WALK STUDENTS INTO THE BUILDING.

Students will only be released on the sidewalk side/passenger side of the vehicle. Please make sure your child is sitting on that side of your vehicle. When the sidewalk is cleared of students, cars will be released by staff to exit back out onto Raymond Street. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE YOUR CAR UNTIL STAFF INDICATES IT IS SAFE TO MOVE. DO NOT GET OUT OF THE CAR RIDER LINE TO MANUVEUR YOUR CAR AROUND OTHER CARS. STAY IN LINE AND FOLLOW THE CAR IN FRONT OF YOU SO WE CAN EXIT SAFELY. When the next row of cars are lined up along the sidewalk and are stopped and in park, staff will release the next group of students into the building.


Please make sure your child has backpack/supplies ready and that good-byes are said before it's time to exit the car. We will not have time to retrieve items or have prolonged good-byes in the morning. We appreciate your help with this!!

Review the map below to see the entry/exit location and the path for the car rider line. We appreciate your patience as we all learn this new system.

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You may download our 20-21 Reopening Plan on our S.A.F.E. Reopening Webpage.


Covid Screening & Quarantine Information

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School Supply List

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Lowell Construction Updates

The renovation at Lowell is going strong!! We are excited to see the progress!

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