Eli Whitney


Biographical information

Born on December 8, 1765, West Borough, MA
Died on January 8, 1825, New Haven, CT

In 1817, Whitney wed Henrietta Edwards . The couple would have several children, with Whitney jr. continuing to work in his father's manufacturing business as an adult. The elder Whitney died on jan. 8 in New Haven, Connecticut

Inventions created by Eli

Invented interchangeable parts and the cotton gin.

How did Eli Whitney changed the world?

Facing a shortage of skilled, affordable craftsmen,Whitney built a plan: one of my primary objects is to form the tools so the tools themselves shall fashion the work. Create tools to ease the skill required of workers. Drive tools by water. Organize work so that a man need master the fashioning of but a few parts. Whitney’s factory will produce a strategy of working that will shape 19th century America. It is a change in organization and process that will lead to vast material changes.