also known as antipsychotic agents or neuroleptics

What is the Drug?

Tranquilizers are central nervous system depressant drugs classified as sedative-hypnotics. There are two types of tranquilizers: minor tranquilizers, used to treat anxiety, tension, panic attacks, and insomnia, and major tranquilizers, used to treat severe mental illnesses. Major tranquilizers are specifically used to relieve mental illnesses, and sometimes as anesthetic for surgery, where as minor tranquilizers are frequently used and abused

How Tranquilizers are Used

Tranquilizers are either swallowed in pill or liquid form or are injected with a needle and liquid tranquilizers

Street Names

Downers, sleeping pills, candy, mebaral, quaaludes, xanax, valium, and nembutal

Short Term Effects

Can cause euphoria, can slow normal brain function, causing other effects such as slurred speech, shallow breathing, sluggishness, fatigue, disorientation and lack of coordination or dilated pupils

Long Term Effects

Physical dependence on the drug, abrupt halt to the drug can lead to withdrawal, may lead to seizures or other such harmful effects. A tolerance may happen when using the drug and require the person taking the drug to use more of the drug per use to achieve the original feeling they had when first taking the drug, this can lead to an overdose

Signs of Abuse

Abuse can lead to memory impairment, judgement and coordination problems, irritability, and paranoid and suicidal ideation. Some will experience a paradoxical reaction when using the drug and can become agitated or agressive when taking it. Using the drug with other substances, such as alcohol, can slow breathingm or possibly slow the heart and bodyily respiration, which may lead to death


Users can become addicted to the drug and when they do they want to achieve the feeling they had intionally when using the drug and therefore use more of the drug to achieve that feeling, making them disregard how dangerous the drug is and possibly leading to an overdose
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