No More Columbian Exchange

By Madison Waldrop

What Is The Columbain Exchange?

The Columbain Exchange is when Chorister Colambas went to America and they exchanged stuff they need.

What Are Some Things That It Did Good

1. it gave people food that is good because no one staved

2. it gave them transportation (horses,cattle) that is good because you didn't have to walk every where

3. it made food taste better that is good because without it stuff with taste like gaberge

What are some bad things it did? got deadly things on the food that killed people that is bad because it killed people and maybe kids that ate the food killed alot of people and it got them very sick that is bed because it killed insentient people

3. this is how slavery got into Amarcia

why sholdn't you vote for it

Sure it made food taste better but what about all of the people that died and the people that got sick because of it. so that is why you shouldn't vote for it