#michED Chat 9/2/15

Classroom Resources

Join Moderator Ben Rimes (@techsavvyed) as we discuss classroom resources.

Chat norms:

  • Introductions begin at 8 a.m. Name, town, position, grade level, content and anything else you want to share.
  • Moderator (Ben Rimes @techsavvyed this evening) will post questions using "Q" and number.
  • Respond with "A" and corresponding number.
  • Don't forget the hashtag! #miched
  • Questions are not time to allow for natural flow of discussion


  1. Summer is a time to discover new resources. What are you most excited about bringing into the classroom?

  2. How do you evaluate new resources for teaching, and why?

  3. How could you measure whether the use of a resource is successful or not in your classroom?

  4. How do you share resources with colleagues? What's the trade off between face to face and online sharing?

  5. How do you build a culture of exploring, sharing, and curating resources with your colleagues?

  6. If you could use only ONE resource for teaching, what would it be and why?

New to chats? It's ok to not catch every question. Follow the moderator and use a Twitter chat manager such as Tweet Deck. Columns will allow you to follow the #miched hashtag for chat and reply to communications with notifications.