Battle of Midway

Japanation devistation.

Japan did not sushi this coming!

All involved: United States, Japan.

Sunday, June 4th 1944 at 9:30am

Midway Island, Hawaii, United States

The real G's in charge

Japan- Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was the commander of the Japanese navy. He was in charge of all Major Japanese attacks including pearl harbor.

U.S.- Admiral Chester Nimitz was the commander of the U.S. navy. He was in charge of all major U.S. naval Battles in the Pacific.

What do you even want Japan?

Japan planned the attack on Midway to wipe out the U.S. navy on the Pacific. IF they could stop the U.S. navy they would be free to expand across the pacific as they please. If the U.S. wins, they would devastate the Japanese navy.


Japan- They were planning a surprise attack, they wanted to catch the Americans off guard. This plan relied heavily on the surprise element.

U.S.- The U.S. detected the plans of Japan and was ready for the attack.

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Japan came in expecting the surprise element, but the U.S. was ready and flattened them out like origami paper. The U.S. had 307 casualties and Japan had 3057.

Effect of the war.

Japan's navy was crushed by this defeat, they could no longer go on the offense on the Pacific. The United States pretty much ended Japan's navy.