Wanted Titanium

Dead or Alive Reward $6.61 per Pound

Info about Criminal

Color: Silver, Silverfish at room temperature.

Atomic Mass: 47.88

Atomic Number:22

State at room Temperature: Solid,Metal

Aliases : Ti, Titan, and menachanite


Protons :22

Neutrons: 26


First Arresting Officer: William Gregor

William Gregor discovered Titanium in 1791 and originally named Titanium Menachanite after Menaccan in Cornwall. William was a mineralogist from England and was interested in minerals and discovered a black powder in a near by river and would lead to the discovery of Titanium.

Report of First Arrest

The discovery of Titanium was in 1791 and was found as a black powder now called ilmenite and is a mixture of oxidized titanium and iron. When the sand was analyzed by William Gregor, he found the sand was magnetite and a reddish brown new metal. After concluding his research in 1791 he called the new metal manaccanite in the honor of the parish of mannacan. In 1795 a German chemist named Martin Klaproth found the new metal in the mineral rutile and named it Titanium after the sons of the Greek goddess.


Titanium is used in tooth paste, sunscreen, white paint, rubber, paper, wheel chairs, surgical and dental implants, desalination plants, some types of gems, bodies of laptops, marine and land vehicles, and aircrafts. Titanium is important because transportation by sea would be difficult due to Titanium being heavily resistant to corrosion.

last seen

Group: 4

Family :transition metal

Found in the minerals rutile, ilmenite, and sphene

known associates and warning label

Forms mixtures and compounds with nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur.

The pure form of titanium is stable and non-toxic.