Help us raise $6,000

We have raised $14,000 and need to raise $6,000 more.

Running a High-Class Startup Warehouse Aint Free

But it is pretty dang close. Eastside Incubator has had hundreds of people attend meetups, lunches, and dinners at the warehouse, and a handful of startups are working out of the luxury digs. If you find value in this startup community, we would like your help. If we can raise $6,000 from our members, we will be cash flow neutral through October 31, 2012.
  • Basic: $10/month (covers $5 meetup fees for CTO/CEO Series, Rails Meetup, etc)
  • Keyholder: $50/month (basic + 24x7 access to the Warehouse)
  • Premium: $100/month (keyholder + dedicated community support)

If you are interested in signing up,!

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Get Started for $10/month

Basic membership covers $5 for all meetup charges (CEO Series, CTO Series, as well as planned meetups for design, rails, iOS/iPhone/iPad and .net).


Purchase a key for $50/month

Keyholder membership includes 24x7 access to the warehouse for you and a friend, plus covers your meetup fees.

Note: we typically sell keys for $500, and once we reach $6,000 we will raise the price of keys back to $500.


Purchase a premium membership for $100/month

Premium membership includes 10 hours a month of community help (design, legal, technical, feedback), 24x7 access to the warehouse, plus covers your meetup fees.

Note: once we raise $6,000, we will discontinue the premium membership.


If you are not into building startups, but you are into helping people build startups, you can contribute $500 on behalf of a startup and get them a premium membership. We will add your name to the home page of the site.

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If you want more information, give me a call at 425.503.3871. I look forward to hearing from you.

Matt Dyor

Founding Member

Eastside Incubator, LLC