Survey Earth in a Day 8

Worldwide Pro Land Surveyors Event June 21, 2019 @ Noon

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On June 21 2019, Land Surveyors Will Unite!

On the day of the solstice June 21 2019, geospatial professionals around the world and members of Land Surveyors United (a global support network for land surveyors) will be simultaneously recording survey grade GPS data from thousands of points around the globe, in order to gain a more accurate understanding of the earth's surface. This will be Survey Earth in a Day 8!

The world's largest global support network for land surveyors, Land Surveyors United, will once again be hosting Survey Earth in a Day. This event will continue in 2019 as an annual social surveying education experiment, with a mission to not only to learn more about the earth's surface but also monitor its changes over time, as a global community. Our results will help change the knowledge we currently have of the dynamics of the surface of the Earth.
Survey Earth in a Day is a celebration of the achievements of Land Surveyors and the Land Surveying Profession and Industry.
  • Commemorate International Surveyors Week

  • Gather GPS data worldwide

  • Continue to refine the models of the surface of the Earth. (must meet specific requirements Marks/GPS Data/Equipment)

  • Promote a demystifed system of understanding the means of measurement using satellite positioning systems.

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Download The Instructions

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Survey Earth in a Day 8

Tuesday, June 21st 2016 at 12-2pm


For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.

How To Submit GPS Data

Agenda for June 21st 2019


Simply take a GPS reading at Noon. This can be at your home, office or jobsite. The goal is to have as many points around the world from as many locations as possible.

All data submitted to Survey Earth in a Day should be in RINEX format. If we all use the same format, it will be easier to post-process the data.

LSU will soon begin Live Q&A sessions with video on the SEIAD Google + Community in preparation of the event.

This will occur at 12 Noon in all locations across earth.

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Data you collect will be sent in via the new Land Surveyors United Mobile