APUSH Current Event Project

How History Effects Us Today

Students will select a current event based on the category/issue their group has selected. The overall objective is to cultivate research and display critical thinking skills using the content knowledge obtained throughout this year’s AP US History course and apply that knowledge to contemporary events. Students will become more informed and productive citizens of our global age.

Project Overview

  • Groups of 2-3 students
  • Both individual and group grades
  • Presentation style is up to student choice
  • Presentation time – 10-15 minutes
  • Presentations will be spread out over several days

Topic Choices

  • Foreign Threats: (e.g. North Korea, Iran, ISIS) The United States should be more aggressive in this situation/more cautious.
  • Terrorism in the United States: The US needs to do more to protect citizens/US is doing enough to protect citizens.
  • The American Economy: The economy is recovering and our government is doing enough/The economy is still struggling and our government needs to do more.
  • Education in the United States: The US needs to invest more and rework the educational system/Education is doing fine.
  • War on Drugs/Legalization: The US should continue the war on drugs and stop legalization/US should spend less on the War on drugs and embrace the benefits of legalization.
  • Nutrition/Health in the United States: The US should do more and continue to institute regulations on health and nutrition/The US government should let people regulate their own health and nutrition
  • LGBT Issues: The government should do more to protect the rights of LGBT individuals/The government should not be as involved/LGBT individuals should not get special treatment.
  • Congress: Is it functional/effective right now?: Congress is working hard, but is less effective due to differing ideals and regulations/Congress is not doing enough and is using partisanship and regulations as excuses.
  • Presidential Elections: There should reform to the way we elect our leaders/The system designed by the founding fathers still works.
  • Wealth Gap in the United States:This is America and Capitalism rules/This is America and we should strive for equality for all in finances.
  • Immigration in the United States: The US should increase its regulations and strengthen its borders/The US should create new paths to citizenship for immigrants.
  • Gun control/Regulation: The Second Amendment should be upheld with no regulations/The Second Amendment can stay but we need new and stricter regulations on guns.
  • Environment/Green Movement: America has bigger issues than to worry about expensive green energy and the environment/America needs to focus on the big issue of creating green energy and healing our environment.
  • Media in the United States: This is the age of instant media; it will have mistakes, but people need instant information, right or wrong/News reporting has gone too far; instant and incorrect reporting is causing more harm than good.
  • Racial Conflict in the United States: Racial conflict is a non-issue in America today, as most Americans are accepting of other races/There is still a significant amount of racial conflict in the U.S. today, with evidence of both small and large scale racism.
  • Gender Gap: Women are accepted as equal members of society, and enjoy equal access in politics, society, and the economy/Women do not enjoy equal access to politics, society, and the economy, and suffer under a patriarchal system.

Individual Assignment - 10 points each

Each team member must locate and analyze TWO articles from reputable sources to use as research. Analysis sheets may be handwritten or typed.

  • Article Title
  • Author
  • Source
  • Brief summary of article (1-2 paragraphs)
  • HAPP-Y Analysis of the article

Each group must have at least ONE article that shows a contrasting point of view.

Group Assignment - 25 points

  • Your presentation is completely open. You may create a PowerPoint/Prezi, a film, an interpretive dance... whatever you feel would best illustrate your topic and teach the class. Presentations should last 10-15 minutes.
  • Your group must develop a thesis regarding your topic. Your presentation will revolve around this thesis. Your thesis must be clearly stated in some part of your presentation.
  • You must connect and explain how your topic relates to three historical events we have discussed in class this year.
  • Your presentation must include a Works Cited page.

Project Due

Thursday, May 26th, 7:30am

7447 Scholar Way

Corona, CA

Project presentations will last two days nearing Finals Week. We will have sign-ups for presentation slots in class.