Flat Stanley's Trip to Athens, GA!

What an Adventure!

Dear Abbey Fischer and Mrs. Schwab's First Grade Class

Flat Stanley came all the way to me in Athens, Georgia, USA.

Famous landmarks in my city include:

  • The University of Georgia (UGA)
  • Georgia Museum of Art
  • Sanford Stadium where the UGA football team plays
  • The Famous 40 Watt Music club
  • The Double Barrel Cannon from the Civil War. Do you see Flat Stanley on the Double Barrel Cannon in the picture below? It was so cold that day, that he got stuck!

Fun Things to Do and Distance Between St. Louis and Athens

There are many fun things to do in my city. You can always go to the Georgia Museum of Art. You can go downtown to eat, shop, and experience lots of cultural events. Flat Stanley visited the Athena statue in downtown. Athens is named after this Greek goddess of wisdom and war. There always lots of cool UGA sporting and music events to go to in Athens. Athens is home to many famous bands such as REM, Widespread Panic, the Drive By Truckers and more! Doesn't Athens sound like a fun place to go?! Check out the video below of REM singing one of their songs with the Sesame Street monsters, and there are also pictures showing some of the other fun adventures Flat Stanley had in Athens. One of his favorites was visiting Elise's first grade classroom.

The weather in Athens, GA is similar to that in St. Louis, but it does not get as cold in the winter. The distance from St. Louis to Athens, GA is 610 miles, and it takes over nine hours to drive between the two cities! Flat Stanley made a long trip!

Furry Happy Monsters
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Thank you for sending Flat Stanley to visit us in Athens!