Laurens CROWNS Monthly Newsletter!

June Team Stats and News

Welcome CROWNS!

Hey Crowns!

Everyone is buzzing about our New Summer Catalog! The bookings are starting to stack up and you might be feeling overwhelmed!


Take a few minutes, sit down, layout your plan of action, get your Summer party kit organized and then- take a deep breath.

You CAN do this! Share in the excitement and focus on the party experience and that top notch customer service you do so well!

Keep the momentum going by dropping those booking seeds while you are out this summer. Check in with past customers and keep them posted on those specials and stay focused on keeping your calendar booked!

The transition from Spring to Summer is always awesome- and this year will be the best one yet!

Monthly Sales and Team Recognition

Summer is here and better than before!! If you are need of new ideas and some encouragement, lean on me as well as your Thirty-One Sisters!! Ladies, I would like each of you to push the envelope and have a goal of at least 500.00 or more a month! With the New Summer Catalog anything is possible. Show it to everyone you know. Do not prejudge because you don't think she would not want to earn some free product or take advantage of our awesome customer specials. If you do not ask, someone else will.

June 2014

Team Sales: $10,564.00

Team Parties: 22

Top in Sales:

Amy Richardson- $1,408--Whoop Whoop Way to Go Girl!

Great Job Ladies!!

Amy Johnson: $1,353.00

Leah Walker: $1,148.00

Erica Johnson: $843.00

Deandra Casto: $670.00

Nicole Rumplasch: $423.00

Kim Akers: $305.00

Lisa Palacios: $287.00

Jamie Harrold: $272.00

Veronica Laijas: $262.00

Ali Markley: $253.00

Kristi Wager: $209.00

Jennifer DeCosta: $201.00

Nikkol Camarillo: $113.00

Tani Zapata: $30.00

Current & Upcoming Monthly Specials!

JULY Special!

Spend $35 and get an Essentials Storage Tote for ONLY $5.00!! Check out those NEW Prints!

July Hostess: Hold a $200+ show and your hostess gets a Chill-icious Thermal for ONLY $5.00 BUT to get those parties booked you can personally buy your hostess the Chill-icious Thermal as a Thank You Gift from YOU!

Coming up in August!

Dream Building

Please help me Welcome our newest CROWNS to our team & Thirty-One Family! We are so excited to have you apart of our team!!

Deana Fairbanks joined by Lauren Coleson

Congrats ladies on your new recruits!

Big image

Look who is close to becoming a Qualified Consultant

Qualified Consultant is when you have sold a $1,000

Let's CHEER our Thirty-One Sisters on!! Y'all can do this!!

Nicole Rumplasch: $375.00

Kristi Wager: $791.00

Ali Markley: $747.00

Jennifer DeCosta: $799.00

Nina Chavira: $1,000

Mary Martin: $1,000

(please note this is June Stats, I know some of y'all have submitted already for July and are close to qualifying!)

Congrats to Leah Walker and Deandra Casto on becoming a Qualified Consultant!! WooHoo!

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Ready Set Sell!

Whoop Whoop I am LOVING these RSS Kits that everyone can earn August 1st - 15th! Go ahead and set your self up for success and earn Level 3!! YOU can do it! I believe in you!

An average 31 party is $600! All you need to do is submit (2) $600 parties and you Earn Level 3!!!! So super exciting!!!

Diamond Club Incentive!

Starting this month (July) and for the next 6 months til December Im going to have a Diamond Club!

What is the Diamond Club: Anyone who submits $1000+ each month will be in the club!

Rewards: Each month there will be a different reward you can earn!

I will announce that months reward in my Newsletter for that month!

Benefits: You will get a gift from me each get the Diamond Club title for the in my Diamond Club Newsletter get $250 in Commission for submitting a $1000! Whoop Whoop!

Are you excited?!? I know I am and I can't wait to Reward you AMAZING ladies for working your 31 business!

Please remember I will be ordering the gifts on the 10th of each month! Once I get them in I will mail them out!

National Conference 2014!

I will be gone July 22nd - July 26th to Ohio for our National Conference! This will be my 4th year attending and I am so excited and can not wait! This is the BIGGEST event of the year!

Goal: Next Year I want YOU to go with me to Conference! We have TONS of FUN! Receive awesome training...GIRL TIME...FREE GIFTS....attending Conference has been such a blessing to my business! Go ahead plan to go next will be one of the BEST things you can do for yourself and business! I promise!

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Directors Corner

Sales: $1,698.00

Recruits: 1

Ladies please know I am here for you and I believe in YOU! You can contact me anytime. Email, Phone Call or Text

Lets have an Awesome July!!