All About Me

by Noah

My Family

I live in Anna with my mom, dad, sisters, and brother. My mom's name is Jenn and my dad's name is JD. I have 3 sisters. Their names are Alectra, Caroline, and Riley. My brother's name is Maverick.

I also have 6 pets. I have 3 turtles, 2 dogs, and 1 cat. I like to play with my dogs, sit on the couch with my cat, and watch my turtles eat.

Important Memory

My favorite memory was when my dad and I went fishing. We went to Lake Whitney. It was really early in the morning. We both caught a catfish. We took them home and had them for dinner. Thinking of this memory makes me very happy.

My Goals

I want to be a Park Ranger when I grow up. I know I have to study hard at school. I want to do this, because I like wildlife and nature.

Things I Like

  • Football
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Science
  • Drawing
  • Texas Rangers
  • Reading