Harmony Music Store

Music, instruments, customization!

Our store has so much to offer!

Harmony music store, has a wide variety of instruments with great tutors to teach others how to play instruments and read music. It is a fun place for youth to come to, and hang out with their friends and family. After school, there will be food and drinks available for everyone! We want to reach out to others and teach others about music! Music is great therapy and great for any mood you may be in!

One of our products are acoustic guitars, but we do offer many other types as well!

An acoustic guitar is a unique instrument. Acoustic means not using electric or electric impulses. The sound that the acoustic guitar makes is directly through the body of the guitar to make it`s sound. The main sound source of the acoustic is it`s strings. This guitar is wonderful and many love the way it sounds and prefer it over an electric guitar. We offer customization to our products, you can make this guitar your own by choosing it`s color and applying words to it.

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The piano- and different types!

A piano is a musical instrument played using a keyboard. It is widely used in playing classical and jazz music. This instrument is not portable and often times, very expensive. Many use this for solo performances to accompany another person in their performance. There are a variety of pianos to choose from, from electric, to acoustic. It is all by preference. We also include customization to our pianos!
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The drum is a member of the percussion group. Drums can be played with your hands or with a drum stick, to produce sound. Drums are usually played individually but we do offer other drums, and a variety of sets. The bongo drums that we offer, can be played with two or more. There is always something for you individually or you can have a friend join in! As all of our other products, we offer customization with any drum as well.
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We offer smaller instruments such as flutes and similar instruments if someone prefers a smaller instrument. The flute makes it`s noise from the flow of air across the opening. It is apart of the woodwind group. This instrument is played with your mouth and hands. It is a very popular instrument and many choose the smaller instruments. Along with all of our instruments, this also comes with customization.
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to reach out to others, teach them how to read and play music, and be a "getaway" for youth. We all go through daily struggles and want someone to listen, we are open to anyone. We want to reach out to others through music and open up an opportunity for many. We want them to know that music is great therapy through any part of the day!