What if I Change Paths?

A How to Guide to Changing your Job/Career

A change isn't always a bad thing, it's usually a good thing. Changing your career, or job may be a little difficult though. If you are wanting to change jobs all you really do is update your resume and apply for another job. If you are wanting to change careers you will more than likely have to go back to school to change your profession. It's not always as bad as it seems though. Doing what makes you happy is a big deal when you get older. Don't liv your life doing something you dislike.

Considering A Change?

When considering a change think of questions to ask yourself:

  • What do I want: Start by asking yourself what type of job/career you're interested in. What do you enjoy doing? What environment do you want to work in? Is there enough income to support you?
  • Do I Have What it Takes: Do you have the work ethics for the job? Do you have the right kind of training? Are you willing to work the hours?
  • What Can I Offer: Think of some things that you're good at that would match the job qualities. What can you do for them?
  • Is This Career/ Job a Good Fit: Do you see yourself doing this in the long run? Do you enjoy doing this? Do your talents, or skills fit this job?
  • Which Companies Would I want to Work For: Which company would you want to dedicate you time to? Think of all the things a company can offer and what some can't. Find out which is a better work environment for you.
  • Am I Willing to Start Over: Before you leave your job/career think about if you're ready to start over. Are you ready to go back to school and major in something different. Are you ready to switch jobs and go to work for a different company?

Developing a Plan

Before leaving your current job/career you need to come up with a game plan. What's going to happen and how it's going to happen. When developing a plan think of all the possible outcomes. Also plan a little after, just in case you're short on money and stop yourself from having financial problems.

  • Step Back from an Empowered Perspective: Step back a get to understand yourself more than you did. What makes you happy, what would you give up anything for, what you value, and what are your priorities.
  • Let Go of the thinking patterns that Keep you Stuck: There is obviously something worrying you about getting a different job/career, or you would have already gotten started. Yes you have to think about your future with that job/career, but don't worry yourself.
  • Say Yes to you Vision: You obviously need a vision of what your future looks like, but don't just pick any vision and go for it. Pick the right vision, the one that makes you happy.
  • Explore it and Try it On: Find out facts about your job/career and see if you like it. If you like it then go for it.
  • Play it Smart: You can't go from point A to point Z in a month. Just take it slow and get your work done. Don't try to show up anyone, but don't slack off either.

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Making the Change

When making the career/job change you need to keep a lot of things in mind. Such as what are your values and skills, what do you enjoy doing? When making the career/job change don't associate about it with others. Be sure no one knows you are leaving your job to find something better, because people are not easily trusted, therefore your current boss may find out you're unhappy and if you don't get the new job you won't have your old one to fall back on. Then there would be no income. Just be sure to follow all the steps and think of all the possible outcomes, good and bad. Then if you're ready, make the change.

Beginning the New Journey

When beginning the new journey stay positive. Be sure to always stay up to date when it comes to school or your new job. Be prepared for the worst, but expect the best. Know what's coming in your near future. Plan things out and set off. Begin your path with a blast! Never give up hope when the road gets bumpy, because people never made it big by giving up. Do what makes you happy and when you make a mistake, learn from it. Try to not make that same mistake. Take it easy for awhile, don't slack off, but don't try to ruin anyone else's job. Do your thing and let them do theirs. Good Luck!
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