POHW before and after poster

James Campbell

1) Hollis' Outlook on life

In the beginning, Hollis is sad and lonely because she has no family, and toward the end, she has a family and she is happy and jolly and stuff #1-195

steven outlook on the old man

steven likes the old man and enjoys having fun with him, but then he starts to fight with him, and their relationship is going bad 'worse this summer' pg. 71

Hollis outlook on Josie

Hollis is scared of josie at first because of the knife,but then she adjusts to her because she was a former art teacher. Josie agrees to carve a figure of hollis if she stays


Izzy Outlook on Hollis

Izzy Loves Hollis because she said to her that she always wanted a daughter. then Hollis feeels guilty because she isn't really izzy's daughter pg.28

Josie outlook on Hollis

Josie likes hollis because she is exactly like her but she doesn't do tree carvings. she also dissaproves of hollis pg.9

stucco woman outlook on hollis

The Stucco woman calls hollis a mountain of trouble. They both hate each other, and hollis doesn't know why SW adopted her pg.4

Hollis outlook on mustard lady

Hollis hates the mustard lady because hollis doesn't care about anyone and she doesn't trust anyone pg.7