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The Vellus Philosophy - Simply beautiful

To glamorize and nourish the hair and skin is the principle upon which this company was founded. Our priority and passion is to stay true to our legacy of creating the very best grooming products for that "Best in Show" look and feel. At Vellus every single batch is handcrafted with care. Because our shampoos and conditioner are so richly concentrated with superior ingredients, you don't need a closet full of products, you only need Vellus! Our dilution ratio concept combined with our rich formulas allow you to easily customize and create your own unique mixture based on your dog(s) coat type. Whether you have a long coated Shitzu, a short coated Boxer or even a hairless Chinese Crested, Vellus will provide beautiful, easy to maintain hair with a natural shine and will always be good for the skin. "Professional grooming is a talent that demands creativity. Be creative and watch perfection happen"

Because we appreciate you!

As our way of saying thank you for being a Vellus customer, now or in the past, for a short time or for the past 20 years (we really do have customers that have been with us for that long) we want to give you the chance to try a new Vellus Product or gift a Vellus Product to someone that you know will love it or maybe need it. So from now until January 31, we will include a FREE sample of your choice with your next order. All you have to do is make a note on your order as to what Vellus Product you would like to sample.


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