Equal rights

Why women all the time

The one basic human right

The one basic human right is to have the right to decide how they want to live their lives. This is one importance of basic human right in democracy.

The new law that the Eureka stockade gained

The significance of this was, that it gave the white males in Australia the right to vote before this Australia was under the control of Colonial forces of Australia. Which was a part of the UK under the commonwealth bank?

New law that the suffragists wanted introduced

The wanted women to vote

Which court bought down Mabo's decision? Why this was landmark decision

The high court bought down mabo’s decision. It was a landmark decision because it mabo’s grandparents own that land it was a heritage land for them.

The right for women

Friday, April 11th 1980 at 5:30pm

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Canberra, ACT

Come and join the fight for women