Weekly Family Newsletter: Wk 10 S2

The Know-whats and the Know-hows at Estacada Middle School!

Monday 4/6 - Virtual A Day

Tuesday 4/7 - Virtual B Day

Wednesday 4/8 - Virtual A Day

Thursday 4/9 - Virtual B Day

Friday 4/10- No Virtual School

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Please Click Below for Resources and Information about Virtual Learning

Virtual Check-in from EMS

Virtual School Continues Monday through Thursday (4/6 through 4/9)

Your student's safety, your student's academic learning, your student's social-emotional learning and regulation, and your student's health is a priority of ours.

We have high expectations for your student and their learning throughout the upcoming virtual month which continues this week and is expected to tentatively end on 4/28/20. If you are in need of any support to ensure your student is able to complete the virtual learning, please reach out to us.

We believe that a pre-scripted routine will benefit the student and the parent as you begin to practice a "New Normal." Below this text, view the schedule for virtual learning. Please expect your student to do no more than 4 hours of learning each day (1 hour per class period), four days each week. Your student may be asked to participate in a break-out session or your student can schedule individual meetings with teachers from 1:30 to 3:30.

If your student is unable to participate in virtual learning between 9am and 1:30pm, that is OK. All lessons will be accessible at any time and any direct instruction will be recorded for you and your student to view at a later time.

Attendance is taken during the virtual week via digital communication. Your student must make "virtual contact" with your student's teachers by submitting assignments or sending an email for each class within 48 hours. Please support your student's learning by helping manage their virtual schoolwork.

Ben Hargrave: hargraveb@estacada.k12.or.us (Principal)

Deb Wexler: wexlerd@estacada.k12.or.us (Vice Principal)

Amelia Gundlach: gundlacha@estacada.k12.or.us (Counselor)

Shelby Tracy: tracys@estacada.k12.or.us (Site Based, Licensed Social Worker)

Ashley Carroll: carrolla@estacada.k12.or.us (Todos Juntos Adjunct Counselor)

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How to use Zoom - EMS Virtual Classrooms
Do You or Your Student Need to Meet with Office Staff?

Click here to learn about scheduling a meeting for yourself or your student during Virtual Learning.

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Families: Please read this FAQ document to provide you with any answers you may be looking for. If you have a question that is not answered on this document, please reach out to us (emsinfo@estacada.k12.or.us)!

Center Yourself, Reduce Anxiety, Identify Stress, and Practice Self Care: Mindfulness

Below you will find three links you and your family can use to practice mindfulness. To slow your potential concerns from manifesting in stress, to limit the increased anxiety you may be feeling, and to remain present for yourself and your family are important during the social distancing practices. These three links: Headspace, Calm, and Stop-Breathe-Think are tools you and your family can use to help build your mental health stamina. Please click in the links above to explore these options.

Managing Your Student's Chromebook/Internet Use

As we begin virtual learning, your student will be in front of the computer much more often. This may have some unintended consequences. We want your student to engage in meaningful learning and participate appropriately; and, we also know that middle school students' exploration may lead them to access the internet in ways you may not deem as appropriate.

Your house, your rules. Please continue to manage your student's internet, social media, technology use.

Please read through this article from Common Sense Media about questions you should be asking and what you should be looking for.

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Click Here for Resource Information

If you are in need of any support and are looking for ways to get help or help others, please click on this link! We are in this together!

Resources From Our Community

If you or your family is in need of any additional resources, please click on this link and view whether or not you may be able to take advantage of these options.

During uncertain times, it is important to stay positive and provide routines for yourself, your student, and your family. Determine whether or not these resources may help you to continue to build a routine.

Forecasting for 20-21 (Next School Year)

Please click on this link to read about our postponing of forecasting at EMS. We are dedicated to ensuring our Master Schedule is accurate and that your student receives a high-quality education with input about their classes. Please stay tuned for more forecasting information at a later time!


We are dedicated to ensuring EMS and the Estacada Community is safe for all students. Building this environment is important.

If you see or hear about bullying, violence, drugs, or harm to your school or a student, report a tip using SafeOregon.

Use this link, here.

Email your tip: tip@safeoregon.com

Call or Text: 844-472-3367.

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