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What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbulling is a type of bulling. It happens on social medias online. It can grow more than in real life, because on the internet, everyone can see it.



On Cyberbulling:

3 million kids are absent in school per month due to being cyberbullied.

20% of kids cyberbullied think about suicide, and 1 in 10 attempt it.

4500 kids kill themselves for being cyberbullied.

Suicide is the 3rd way most teens die in the Unites States.

On Social Media:

Instagram has gone up 50% in the last 9 months.

Facebook has gone down 2% in the last month and people believe they see improvements. (1)


Cyberbullying Victims


History of the Internet

The internet started at the Cold War used as a weapon by the government. Important people used it to share data to each other. As the time passed, a lot of people have improved the intenet to make it more accesible to everyone. At the beginning, computers took up a whole room. Over time, people improved it and now we have the computers we are using. The internet has changed and evolved in many ways. It used to be just for important people, now it can be accesible to almost everyone. (2)


Rules to Prevent Cyberbullying

1. Do not give personal information to anyone you don't know in person.
2. Tell an adult if you receive or see something that makes you uncomfortable.
3. If you want to meet someone you meet online, inform an adult and go with one if possible.
4. Do not post any inappropriate things.
5. Don't respond to mean messages that makes you uncomfortable.
6. Do not give your password to ANYONE., not even friends.
7. Be careful with the things you download and the sites you visit.
8. Be a good online citizen.


ACT! How to Stop Cyberbullying

  • Know that it is not your falt
  • Don't respond to people you don't know
  • Save the evidence
  • Tell the person to stop
  • Reach out for help
  • Use available tech tools
  • Protect your acounts
  • If someone is being bullied take action. (3)


Types of Cyberbullying

  • Harassing Someone: Posting hurtful things against the victim.
  • Impersonating; Someone Pretending to be the victim posting things that would hurt the victim.
  • Using Photos: that may embarace, or using them against the victim
  • Creating Websites, Polls and More: to say bad things about the person
  • Participating in "Happy-Slapping": Posting a video of a bullying incidenty so more people see it. (4)


Values On the Internet

Values needed Online:





This are values that we should use when we are using the internet. When we use this values we can prevent bullying and save hurt lives. For example when we respect others we treat them with respect and make them feel good about themselves.



Cyberbullying is a thing that we shouldn’t do to others it can hurt their felings and may lead to physical an emotional damage. Maybe we don’t know the feeling about what it is to be cyberbullied but we know it hurts. We taught you examples, statistics etc. Now we concluded that it’s not something we should be do. Remember you can start helping others by stoping Cyberbullying. One action you make can change the world!

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