Mrs. Stahl's Class

January 8, 2016

This Week...

Welcome back to school! I hope everyone had a relaxing vacation, but it was time to get back to a routine. The class struggled remembering class routines, so we hit the ground running and practice, practice, practiced this week. The class also had a review FORT WAY session with Dr. Baker and Mr. Knapp.

The class started ELA this week learning and reviewing main idea and finding supporting details. We discussed strategies, during a close reading passage, how we can annotate, infer, and use clues in a passage to locate the main idea. We will continue this next week. In writing, the class is excited to start researching a nonfiction topic for an explanatory text. I was really excited to share with them how this will be so much easier, since they worked SO hard on their Magazine Articles and have already had to research a nonfiction topic. I can't wait to get started, but baby steps first!

In math, we have started working with fractions. The class started studying equivalent fractions, and reducing fractions. Please keep working on multiplication facts to help make fractions a bit easier.

The class will be finishing the second half of their social studies DCA next Tuesday over the 13 colonies. The class has been working on an interactive notebook for a resource to go back to for studying. A study guide will come home next week.

We will start scientific inquiry next week with science. This is a heavily tested standard on the MAP test in April. We will start learning this process next week along with a choice of an experiment.

Planners, Coats, Gloves, OH MY!

Just a few reminders to check your child's planner EVERY night. This will become their life in 6th grade. We are really trying to make a point with getting them filled out correctly and signed every night. Please follow through with your child's educational routine.

Another issue that we are noticing in our Wolverine pack is coats. It IS winter. A sweatshirt is NOT a coat. Out of respect for myself, my family, my colleagues and, of course, other students, PLEASE make your child wear a coat, regardless of our crazy Missouri weather. If you are having a financial hardship and need help purchasing a coat, please let me know and I will get your child a coat. Thank you SO very much for your understanding with this matter.

Have a great weekend! Bundle up...I heard it's getting chilly this weekend! ~Kristen Stahl