Kindergarten at Carver Elementary

23-24 School Year

Carver Elementary School

  • Main Office - 651.702.8200
  • Enrollment Center - 651.748.7550
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A note from Principal Walsh

Hello future Carver kindergarten family! If you have received this direct communication, according to our district 622 boundaries, we have your child on our list to potentially start kindergarten at Carver Elementary this coming fall of 2023. We are already preparing for classes and we need to know if you plan on sending your student to Carver or if they will be attending another school. If you have already completed your enrollment paperwork, thank you! If not, please let us know your plans by either filling out this quick online form or calling the office at 651-702-8200.

When calling the office, leave a message with this information:

  • Will your child be attending Carver?
  • If not, what school will they attend?

If you are finding this information through our website, welcome! Please follow the steps above and visit the enrollment page to complete registration.

We look forward to meeting you and welcome you to the Carver family!

Amber Walsh, Principal

Kindergarten Enrollment To-Do List

  1. Confirm kindergarten enrollment by filling out this online form or Calling the office at 651-702-8200
  2. Complete the district enrollment packet in order to be officially enrolled in kindergarten.
  3. If you are unable to complete the online registration packet, please contact Paige Clay at 651-748-7550 or
  4. Information about Intra-District Transfers, Student Not Living with Parent, and Non-Resident Enrollment can be found at
  5. Schedule your child's Early Childhood Screening that is required for District 622 PreK and Kindergarten here:, or call 651-702-8468. (Only one screening is needed between ages 3-5)

Pre-K & Kindergarten Information Meeting 3/20

In-person PreK/K Information Night was held on Monday, March 20, at 6:30 PM.

View the Slideshow Presentation Here

We can't wait for you to join the Carver family!

Check out our annual welcome back video from the Carver staff.
Carver Family - Carver Elementary 2022

school hours

  • Start Time - 9:30 am
  • End Time - 4:00 pm