February News

Written by the Students in 4Sp

Morning Meeting

February was an exciting month! Sydney, Marina , and Cece had their birthdays, Kids Who Care did a love box project that helped kids in need for valentine’s day. A love box is a small box with a few items in it there are items such as playing cards or a hair brush. next, we did something called star of the week .The Star of the week is a certain person that creates a power point and then presents it to the class. The stars of the week for February were Harry, Makenzie and now Eva is the star of the week . Now we are doing spelling in morning meeting we play a game called popcorn sparkle.Popcorn sparkle is when Mrs.Sprang gives you a word and of you spell the word wrong you have to sit down but since it has the word POPcorn if another on of your classmates spells a word wrong or if the person is after the person that says sparkle, you POP back up and you so February was an awesome month.

-Sydney & Greta

Book Club

In book club we are reading the book The Infinity Ring. We are using talking sticks for our discussion. Talking sticks are when you answer a question when you want to in your group. In your group and you raise a stick when you are ready to answer. You usually get 3 or 4 talking sticks. In the book it’s about 3 historians Sera, Dak, and Riq they travel back in time to fix history that the SQ (the bad guys)broke. They travel back in time using a tool called the Infinity Ring. (It’s a little time machine shaped like an infinity ring) In this book they have to make the underground railroad successful. Later they find out that Harriet Tubman is related to Riq, the oldest out of the three historians. This book had 39 chapters. We both think it is an awesome book.

- Reagan & Mia

Writing & Spelling

We have been working on persuasive pieces. We wrote our Oreo paragraphs about something we want. We include our argument, reasons why, the opposition, and call to action. We saw a video on all these elements.

We have been working on our leads for our persuasive pieces. there are a lot of steps for the headings like the when we a small story that we make up it can not be too big because we are not writing a narrative piece. The point is to hook the reader.

Our Spelling is when we get our words glue them on a piece of paper. then we highlight the vowels and then we do the rule. Then we get our spelling choice board write our words on the back and then we do our 4 choice boards and then we have until the next Thursday to turn it in.

-Brian & Trent



in class we have been working on Fractions. Our teachers have been teaching us the numerators which is the the top number in the fraction and the bottom is the denominator. Our teachers have also been teaching us methods to see what fraction is bigger or equal to the fractions those methods are the butterfly method, the fraction bar , benchmark fractions ,the big one , number lines. And I forget to say one word and that is equivalent fractions that is a fraction that is equal to another fraction.


In math we’ve studied algebra. Our teacher mrs. Sprang is teaching us a lot of methods in algebra. One method is called “some number”. Heres a example, 12*n =24 so you have to figure out what the “n” stands for.You can do it in division too, here is a problem, 25/n=5. We all know what n stands for, but I’m just keeping it simple here. This is a very efficient way to do algebra. Another method is called the scale. you compare two objects to see which weighs more.

Number Talks

In math we have been doing number talks. Number talks is when we put a problem on the board, and try to solve it as many ways as we can using our strategies. We are working on our multiplication strategies now, such as friendly numbers, partial products, and break it down. Number talks also include addition, subtraction, and division (but we haven’t done division yet). Number talks help us learn methods better. We all have loved them. Hopefully we have them all throughout the year!

-Brian, Carson, & Maddie

Social Studies

This month we just finished our subject off our history and we are now doing government, We have learned about the judges and the government branch we learned about some laws and what would we do if we didn’t have rules (ex. no rules for school, No rules at home, No rules at recess etc.)

In the Menu board we are making 2 of 13 choices, 1 choice is the ABC book that 1 counts as 2 of your choices you have to make. All the ones you make are due on the 14th of February.

We are also doing timelines that we choose an important time in history put it in 1 picture and write a paragraph about it it took a long time to put all those details in 1 picture! We all liked it because we got to choose which one we wanted to do XD.

-Josh & Dylan

Computer Update

In class we are learning about how to print with our computers. It is so cool that we are one of the classes that get’s to use computers. Our computers are getting easier and easier every day. They have super speed you could be the fastest typer but it would still type as fast as you. We never have to wait on it to load up.

Our teachers love the Chromebooks. We use them for many things some of them are for the star of the week they use their computers to make it, also writing a response for the star of the week we use our computers.

-Marina and Joseph

Specials Update

Gym: In gym we are been doing warm ups before class either we will jump rope, or run, sometimes do both a lot of people have time to do that. After that we will get a parenter and do a parenter practice like toss, and volleyball, and lots of other fun things. Then to keep it rolling we will play a game with the whole class. When we had a sub for gym (Mr.Taylor) he is really nice he was a gym teacher in Florida and he brought a game they used to play in Florida and mixed it with some games we play in OH. Everyone I know loves gym.

Music: In music we have recorder recitals it's where we get our recorders and do a song on them in front of the class you can get belts like the whole rainbow its a little ribbon. Our class tries really hard to get a belt.

Spanish: In spanish we are doing a project on the food groups in spanish we are going to try to finish the project we also have to do our project on a poster and then share it to the class. And in the middle of the year we will take a piece of paper home and practice our spelling for spanish. Then by the end of the week you will turn in the piece of paper with your mom or dads name on it to show that you practiced and then at lunch we will pull out a couple of pieces of paper if you get chosen you will get some sort of prize.

-Rylee & CeCe

Map Testing

Monday, March 10th, 9pm to Friday, March 21st, 11pm

6100 Drake Rd

Cincinnati, OH

End of 3rd Quarter

Friday, March 21st, 9pm

6100 Drake Rd

Cincinnati, OH

Spring Break

Monday, March 24th, 9-11pm

6100 Drake Rd

Cincinnati, OH