A Wrinkle in Time

Tessering through time, from plant to planet...


In A Wrinkle in Time, there is a dog named Fortinbras. I assume that the author is referring to the Fortinbras from Hamlet by William Shakespeare. The Fortinbras from Hamlet is brave courageous and loyal and so is the Fortinbras from A Wrinkle in Time. I can infer this from," At the edge of the woods Fortinbras stood in front of a boy, barking furiously." (page 37)

Conflict- I have love and you don't!

Conflict is a big part of A Wrinkle in Time because there are many conflicts in the book. One conflict is Meg vs. IT. Meg tries to get Charles back from IT with the powers that the Mrs. W's gave Meg love and something that IT doesn't have. While she was fighting against IT, Meg realized that she had love and IT did not have that. " 'Mrs.Whatsit loves me; that's what she told me, that she loves me,' suddenly she knew." (page 228)


A big symbol in the book is the dark thing. Since it is black, it represents evil, darkness, and death. "'Yyouu hhave ssaidd itt!' Mrs. Which's voice rang out. 'Itt iss Eevill. Itt iss thee Ppowers of Ddarrkknesss!'"
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"A Wrinkle In Time" In 90 Seconds
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