It's about the students!

Assessments matter in the success of our student.

My Perspective!

The creation of an exceptional system is far different from the implementation of one (Lopez, D, 2013). Instead of assesses our student by testing, grading, posting grades, and then doing this over, and over again. Recalibrate Priorities by creating an exceptional system in the area of assessment (Lopez, D, 2013). Come up with a plan of action and stick with it! Involve parents, students, and colleagues on the different forms of assessment. Choose two capable with the staff and other leadership. Sharing assessments information on each student, teacher to teacher will set the student up for success. This is what assessment are for, the student.

"Defending our Assessment Practice"

I would like to share my thought about the questions that Lopez mentioned in "No Excuse University", in chapter eight, on pg. 98 to keep in mind when choosing an assessments. These question bank on success and achievement of the student. It keeps the student involved. Use assessment that can be understood, and as a tool that will assist with students learning.

Success of partner students in assessment!


The beauty of including my student in their assessment they know what area they need the extra effort. The students understand what the assessment is all about. Student feel apart of the changes that may or may not need to be made. Lopez, D. (2013).

No excuses university: How six exceptional systems are revolutionizing our schools (2nd ed.) Turnaround Schools Publications.