Belridge Secondary ESC News

July 2022

From the Principals Desk

Term 2 seems to have gone in a flash and the close of Semester One is here. The term started with enormous pressures on families and staff as we all navigated our way through the peak of the COVID pandemic. Student and staff absences were at the highest that we have ever seen, however, our amazing staff came together as a team to focus on continuing to provide the highest quality education for our students in the most supportive manner-we are truly thankful for all that our staff do each and every day. There have been challenges that have presented that have impacted on our daily lives and the age old saying of ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’ could never be more true. Thank you to all of our families for your ongoing support and to our staff who have continued to persevere-what a Team you are!

All parents will be receiving their child’s Semester One report and like all of us her at Belridge SESC, I am sure that you will be impressed with the ongoing progress that your child has made in all areas - I hope that you celebrate their individual achievements.

We are looking forward to Term 3 and the new Semester beginning as we return to some extremely valuable and much loved activities and opportunities for our students within the broader community. In Term 3 our Workplace Learning (WPL) will be returning for our Year 11 and Year 12 students all attending Work Placements outside of the school environment, one day per week. A big thank you the Senior Secondary WPL team (Ms Hughes and Ms Brown) for organising placements for our students alongside their teachers. The innovation that has occurred in providing valuable work skill opportunities for our students here onsite has been remarkable and this will continue alongside the WPL opportunities to provide our students with a well-rounded, relevant and balanced curriculum in preparation for life beyond school. Our Middle School students will also be provided with educational excursion opportunities outside of the school environment during the rest of the year and we know that their classroom staff will embrace these opportunities to extend their learning.

Winter seems to have definitely arrived in this final week of Term 2 with clear blue skies (which is nice!) and very crisp mornings. In these final weeks of the term we have noticed an increase in the number of cold and flu viruses and unfortunately another uptake in the number of COVID cases being reported within our school environment. Thank you to all of those parents who continue to keep us informed should their child be unwell and we encourage parents to keep their child at home if they are unwell to further prevent the spread of any viruses. If your child utilises School Bus Services, please also inform them if your child is not able to attend school.

Finally, a BIG thank you to all of the students and staff who continue to be upbeat through what has been an extremely challenging term for all. The Teaching and Education Assistant classroom staff have been amazing in keeping the flow of learning socially, emotionally and academically for all our incredibly resilient students- thank you! You are at the forefront of student learning each and every day and each day you all make a huge difference. Behind all of the classroom staff sits some other incredible staff who deserve recognition for their resilient, patient and enduring commitment to our school- to our dedicated, passionate and incredibly resilient and remarkable Deputy Principals- Ms Wendy Hughes and Mrs Shayne Hutchings, our super organised and overworked Manager Corporate Services (MCS)- Ms Stephanie Camkin and to the most welcoming, friendly, professional and supportive Front Office Team, Mrs Tracey Taylor, Mrs Mandy Brown and Mrs Darcie Fricker- thank you all for absolutely everything you do!

A very special ‘Congratulations’ to Mrs Katherine Vales on her very recent completion of her Master’s Degree is Special Education. Well done on continuing to expand on your professional knowledge and learning with the best interests of students with special needs at the very core of this.

To all of our families-we are grateful for all of your support. To the entire BSESC school community I hope that you enjoy the very well-deserved school holiday break, keep safe and we look forward to seeing you all return on Monday 18th July, 2022 for Term 3.

Jenine Wall



Friday 1st July - Last Day of Term 2

Monday 18th July - First Day of Term 3

Friday 2nd September - Whole School Athletics Carnival

Friday 9th September - Year 12 School Ball - Optus Stadium

Wednesday 21st September - Year 11 River Cruise 6pm to 9pm

Middle School News

The students have had a great Term 2. This term has been filled with new and exciting learning opportunities and students have continued on with their learning in a very mature and resilient manner.

We have a lot to celebrate and be proud of this term. Students are always trying their very best and demonstrating school expectations around being SAFE, RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE. We know that students are demonstrating these expected behaviours due to the pure volume of raffle tickets we draw out at our fortnightly middle school assemblies.

When I walk around the school, I always look forward to the conversations I have with the students throughout the day. It is so nice to have a laugh with the students and they really do have a great sense of humour. During these walks I also catch a glimpse of the enthusiastic and motivating learning experiences that are taking place. Moving around the school I see students involved in a variety of sports/games; involved in creative writing activities; or enjoying group learning activities in the sunshine. I also see our students engaging with their therapists and having fun and learning all at the same time. As I continue my walk throughout the school I drop into classrooms and am amazed at the creativity of our students; Science experiments that are hands on and exciting and I also see teachers and education assistants giving encouragement as they engage students in a variety of learning activities to meet their individual needs.

Thank you to the dedicated staff we have here at Belridge. I always look forward to walking through the school to hear the laughter and partake in the excitement of learning.

Finally, have a wonderful holiday everyone. Stay safe, warm and dry and we will see you in Term 3.

Shayne Hutchings

Deputy Principal

Middle School

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Senior School News

When a teacher or EA is away from school we call in relief teachers and EAs. Where possible we have the same relief staff to cover extended periods of absence. I want to pay tribute to the relief staff we have here at Belridge. They have been so supportive often agreeing to come in with little advance notice and we could not operate without their willingness to step in. Thank you all!!!

For Year 12 Parents/Caregivers in particular:

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority oversees the programs and curriculum that is delivered to all schools in Western Australia. They oversee moderation processes and ensure, in particular, Senior Secondary programs are approved by them. They are also responsible for preparing and posting the West Australian Statement of Student Achievement (WASSA) This is posted to your child’s home address in about Feb/March the year after they complete Year 12. It will list all the Endorsed Programs and certificate courses your child has completed and is based on the results and achievements recorded by the school.

At the end of Year 11 and Year 12 you will receive two separate reports from school. One will be reporting achievements of IEP goals which you would already be familiar with. It is the report you receive twice a year at the end of Semester One and Semester Two.

The second report is the Senior School report which lists all achievements towards Certificate Courses (VET) and Endorsed Programs. These are the programs that will be listed on the WASSA.

The Senior School program is designed to prepare students for life beyond school and focusses on Functional Literacy and Numeracy skills that are relevant and directly applicable to real life and work place situations.

We are currently setting up work placements for Semester 2. At this stage Year 11s will go out on Wednesdays and Year 12s will go out on Tuesdays. I am sure you understand that this program is heavily reliant on having experienced staff who know and understand the students and the operation of WPL. There may be occasions where WPL will be cancelled, and we will inform you when this happens. The paperwork for placements has all been sent home. Some work places require proof of vaccination – it this is the case we will let you know. We do have some work places that don’t ask for proof of vaccination.

Just a reminder that Work Place learning is not about finding a job for students – it’s main purpose is to give students employability skills practice in a real work place. Skills such as punctuality, reliability, personal hygiene, wearing a uniform, following instructions from a supervisor and perpetuating tasks are crucial for success in the work place, along with demonstrating appropriate social skills.

I wish you all well in these COVID times, my thoughts are with all the families and staff members that have been affected already. Take care, stay safe and enjoy the holiday break!

Wendy Hughes

Deputy Principal

Middle School


Term 2 has been very busy.

We commemorated ANZAC Day at the beginning of this term with the students creating their own poppies and artwork.

Mother's Day was an opportunity for the students to use their creative capabilities and take advantage of the wonderful garden that they have created. We hope that all of the mothers enjoyed their custom plant.

Art has been a very messy and fun experience this term. Students have used paint blotters, blown paint around the paper using straws and created silhouette art.

The garden is coming along beautifully, our basil and mint have grown really well and the boys enjoyed picking the ripe tomatoes but are wary of eating them.

We celebrated Deegan's 13th Birthday at the end of June - he enjoyed blowing out his candles and everyone singing to him.

Kind regards,

Tracy Buckley

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It is the end of Term 2- it has come around so quickly! The students and staff have had a great first half of the year, with lots of fun being had. Students continue to participate in their new option classes: D&T, Home Economics, Dance and Sport. They have been practicing their cooking skills and have made some delicious dishes - even Miss Thompson wanted to eat some! During D&T, the students got to make a metal trowel for Mother's Day and learnt how to bend out metal. They all looked lovely once they were finished.

In Dance, students have become excellent at remembering dance routines and warm ups. One of the class favourites, is a dance to a Frozen remix of 'Let it Go'.

All of the students have matured and grown so much since the beginning of the year. The 7-1 staff team are looking forward to seeing further growth from the class as the year progresses. There will definitely be more fun and laughs had!

From all of the 7-1 team, we wish you a safe and enjoyable school holidays!

Crystal Thompson
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Class 7-2 has had a wonderful Term One and Two. The students have been working on their IEP goals in English, Mathematics, HASS, Health, Technologies, Science and Sport. The students made some Mother's Day plant pots and have done watering in the garden. The highlights of the week are riding bikes, playing games, reading in the Library and gardening.

In Home Economics with Ms Hill, the students have been cooking ANZAC cookies, burgers, fried rice, waffles and noodle mince casserole. In D&T the students have made some door stops, key ring magnets, incense holders and garden shovels. In Art, the focus has been sewing, collages and framed landscapes. In Sport, three a side soccer and volleyball have been enjoyed and in Dance, the students have choreographed their own synchronised dance.

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable school holiday break!

Daisy McCulloch and Yesra Mnahi

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The students in Year 7-3 have been exploring line and shape in Art. They have recently completed some prints based on photos they have taken and sketches they have made of these photos. The prints look amazing.

Students have also been making boats and trailers in D&T. They are looking forward to taking these home when finished.

Our students have also been practising the art of Positive Self-talk as part of our Health Education Program. They are looking at scenarios where they may feel discouraged or anxious and coming up with mantras they can repeat to assist them at these times.

Our students also enjoyed the Mother's Day stall run by 11-1. I'm sure all the mums were thrilled with the lovely gifts the students purchased and those they made during Art and Craft in class.

All our students are really working hard and are keen to do well despite many having been off with various illnesses recently. They can be proud of their positive attitudes and tenacity.

Wishing students and families a safe and relaxing school holiday break - see you all back for Term 3.

Pauline Egan

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We have had a busy term in 8-1 across all of our subjects.

We were excited to go to the Year 11 Mothers Day stall. We looked at the items to decide what our mothers would like the most. We carefully made our choices and counted out our money, then we counted our change. In class we also made Mother's Day cards using some of the elements of art that we have been learning about.

Our Maths sessions have been full of colourful concepts especially when working on shapes. We begin our Maths sessions with whole class counting games and the students love to take turns running the games. We have sorted 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes, looking at shapes in the environment as well as making pictures with different shapes. We have been learning the names of new shapes and then we made our own 3 dimensional shapes.

Wishing you all a safe and relaxing school holiday break!

Ms Carlyon, Ms Cren, Mrs Curran, Miss Mann and Mr J.

Helen Carlyon
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This term, the students in 8-2 are having so much fun learning about new things. In English, we have been focusing on developing our writing skills and ensuring we always use the correct punctuation and put capital letters in the correct places. During Maths sessions, we have been developing our Mental Maths skills and focusing on topics such as word problems, division and Australian Money.

Other topics we have been learning about this term include Rocks in Science - Sedimentary, Metamorphic and Igneous, Puberty, Feelings and Friendships in Health. Each week, 8-2 students are enjoying attending their D&T sessions as well as Home Economics and making lots of yummy snacks.

Well done to all students on all their hard work, I can't believe we are half way through the year!

Enjoy the holidays!

Keira Savin
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Term 2 is almost finished and our 8-3 students have embraced new learning opportunities.

In English this term, we have introduced a Weekend Retell on Monday mornings where students use a template to structure their speech and then present to small groups or the whole class. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the students are completing comprehension tasks through the KidsNews website where everyone can choose articles of interest, read and listen tot he article and then answer questions relating to the topic. On Fridays the class is viewing weekly BTN episodes and then participating in the online quiz. We have also begun a new Talk4Writing module call The Game which is based on the Jumanji story.

In Mathematics, we are continuing to increase our mental maths fluency through the Bond Blocks Program and have introduced two focus days where on Thursdays we focus on Money Skills and on Fridays we focus on Mapping skills.

For Mother's Day, the class had the opportunity to paint terracotta pots and then pot chosen flowers. The students enjoyed this task and a big thank you to Mrs Hull for organising and supporting this project. We hope everyone enjoyed their special present.

For HASS, we are studying Medieval Europe. The students are enjoying learning about the fall of the Roman Empire, pledging loyalty to Medieval Kings, the Feudal System, Manor Estates, Castles and Knights.

Enjoy the holidays everyone - see you next term!

Lauren Thompson
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Term 2 has been slightly different to other terms. 9-1 students have demonstrated resilience and positive attitudes, while missing their peers they have enjoyed having a smaller classroom, getting to know different peers and enjoying spending time with teachers explicit teaching.

For Mothers Day our amazing classroom staff helped to make some really special gifts. Mrs Reuben helped students create flowers out of cotton buds. There was lots of fine motor skills required.

Mrs Hanahoe organised for the students to make chocolate covered cake balls (at Eliana's request that we should make a cake.) There were lots of steps involved including waiting for the chocolate to melt and completing the washing up.

On Fridays we have a technology day. For our literacy task each of the students copy and past an image into a word document and practise their typing skills by describing the image they have chosen. I have been very impressed by students increased independence during this task and have seen a massive improvement in each of the students typing skills.

Happy Holidays everyone- see you next term!

Chloe Jordan
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The end of the semester is here, it seems to have gone by so quickly!

Recently in Mathematics, the class has been working on calculating the perimeter and area of polygons, while in English the students have been diligently completing spelling, comprehension and grammar activities. Also in English, the students have finished their class novel, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone". They have thoroughly enjoyed reading this fabulous book, happily completing all the comprehension questions and other tasks relating to the story.

In Science, the class has been studying the layers of the Earth, and Tectonic Plates, while in HASS, the students have been learning about World War I, researching many of the key events of the conflict.

Please feel free to contact me at school anytime. My email address is

Have a fantastic break, everyone. Thank you to all parents and grandparents for your support during the semester, it is much appreciated.

Steve McMahon
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We have had an excellent Term 2 here in MAG2. We have welcomed a new addition to our class, Cameron. Cameron has really enjoyed showing us his basketball skills and skills in the kitchen while baking biscuits for Cobra Cafe.

Our students have been making amazing gains in their Art session on Wednesday with Mrs Semmens. MAG2 students have been demonstrating their independence and creative flair painting during these sessions. They have been using different tools and paint types to create a range of different abstract style paintings. Bike riding, another favoured weekly session, has seen great progress for our students with Massimo riding the two-wheel bike, Michael and Cameron enjoying riding continuously for the session and Jarrah has begun trialling to sit on the bike.

All our students have been working hard on their literacy and numeracy IEP goals inside the classroom. The rain has at times impacted our regular Sport sessions outside, so we have been seizing the opportunity when there is a break in the rain to get outside for some fresh air.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday break and we are looking forward to seeing what the next term has to offer!

Katherine Vales
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10-1 have enjoyed some celebrations this term. We have had a few birthdays, not to mention Mother's Day!

In HASS we have started looking at the cause and effects of global warming and the students have come up with some ways in which they can all help to reduce the impact. Little things like turning off the lights, recycling, reusing paper, limiting time in the shower, etc.

In Science we are looking at the universe and the planets of the solar system, galaxies and stars. We have started to make a 3D model of the solar system using paper mache, with each of the students selecting a planet to talk about.

We are currently reading together in class 'Storm Boy' which is a beautifully told story about a young boy and his pelicans he rescues. We are learning about the pelican sanctuary on the South Australian coastline where the novel is set. We are thoroughly enjoying reading this book together!

Cooking in the ILC is a favourite and we have enjoyed making some scones for Mother's Day, weetbix slice, scrambled eggs on toast and beef tacos. It is great to see everyone work well as a team and each help with various jobs such as the dishes, sweeping and hanging out the washing. I love how everyone pitches in and gets the job done!

We have been asked to perform a dance for the upcoming assembly, so students have been doing a fabulous job practicing. Each student will be speaking at assembly too and I am so proud of the eagerness and enthusiasm to do so.

As we are closing in on the end of Term 2, I wanted to congratulate the students on their perseverance and resilience in these current times. We are proud of you all!

To all the families and parents, thank you for your continued support, wishing you all a lovely break and looking forward to seeing you all back in Term 3, fresh and ready to go!

Take care,

Iffah Doyle and Team

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The brilliant 10-2 class has had a delightful Term 2. They celebrated Anzac Day learning about its origins and importance. The class has been creating beautiful poppies to be displayed on our wall to honour the Anzac's contributions to peace.

In HASS we have been looking at sustainability and human-induced environmental changes. We are learning about current farming practices and will be researching possible future innovations in farming sustainability.

Class 10-2 has been battling the forces of gravity in Science. They are researching Newtons Laws of Motion, creating gliders, and participating in experiments based on the relationship between the motion of an object and the forces acting upon it.

In Art we have been discussing famous pieces, looking at how they make us feel and some of the techniques used to create them.

The 10-2 has taken the Art world by storm, presenting their genre shattering generation defining photography skills at Belridge's premier art spot the Cafeteria. These talented students graced senior school with their artistic endeavours at the Week 7 Assembly.

The wonderful and gifted Mr Pantelis has been teaching the students to play volleyball. This will culminate in a student vs teacher Bonanza. Will youthful exuberance beat the seasoned experience of the staff? Spoiler alert - the real winner will be friendship.

All this and it is only Term 2. Stay tuned for more exciting news from the talented 10-2 class.

Have a safe and relaxing holiday everyone!


Team 10-2

Simon Malloy
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The first two weeks of Term 2 involved the 11-1 students busily preparing items for the Mother's Day stall. Students created a range of items such as bookmarks, cards and paper flowers. They also designed photo frames, categorized and packaged jewellery and lollies.

In Horticulture, students also gathered and dried rose petals and lavender from the garden to make and add to the potpourri and bath salts. Petunias and pansies that were potted by the students were also popular items sold on the day.

11-1 students were encouraged to greet their peers as well as to handle money with supervision when being a shop assistant at the Year 11-1 Business Enterprise Mother's Day stall. There were four pamper packs, plus a 'guess how many chocolates in the jar' and a beautiful cake as raffle prizes.

The following people won the raffle prizes:

1st Prize: Phoebe Kerr Year 8-3

2nd Prize: David Cowie Year 7-1

3rd Prize: Rory Johnson Year 11-2

4th Prize: Mrs Hanahoe C6

Mrs Cummings won the jar of chocolates, because he guessed that there were 82 chocolates.

Mrs Oldfield was very excited to win the beautiful Mother's Day cake.

It was a super effort given by all students and staff on the day to make it so successful.

On Friday 24th June 11-1 students presented their assembly item to the senior school. Mrs Razza made new lyrics to support what the students do for ASDAN and then matched it to the song "Footloose". The students practised and sang the new words and did a choreographed dance to the instrumental version of Footloose. The senior school students at assembly were given the new words and encouraged to join in.

11-1 students are also looking forward to going out to Workplace Learning next semester.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Kim Butler

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Term 2 has been an exciting and eventful one for 11-2!

English - The class has certainly engaged in learning about current world issues and have been practising their writing skills to create some fantastic persuasive letters.

Mathematics - Along with the help of Mrs Osborne, students in 11-2 have been learning about money and have enjoyed opportunities to engage in some hands-on learning activities. After becoming familiar with managing the Journey Planner app, students learnt to independently plan their daily journeys, considering the time and impact of their daily activities.

Careers - Students in 11-2 have developed a stronger understanding of many desirable workplace skills. They have used this knowledge to identify and compare their own strengths and transferable skills. The students have investigated potential pathways for employment and developed their resumes. They have also thoroughly enjoyed learning about the cost of living and have developed a stronger appreciation for the many everyday expenses.

DFES - In DFES there was a strong focus in identifying hazards and risks which has helped students to understand the importance of being safe in and around the workplace. It has been amazing to see how the class have upheld Belridge's values of being safe, especially when investigating fire safety.

Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways - Under the safe and knowledgeable guidance of Mr Cann, students in 11-2 have had a valuable insight into the world of hospitality. They have developed important skills involving organising and preparing orders, customer service, hygiene practices, understanding food contamination, dietary requirements and safety procedures. Students have worked effectively as a team to plan and operate coffee stations manage orders, organise biscuits and practise effective customer service skills whilst delivering orders in a timely manner.

Health & Protective Behaviours - Over the course of this term, students in 11-2 have covered a lot of content surrounding healthy living practices. To supplement this learning, students have been researching to create information manuals which highlight the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, engaging in regular exercise and strategies to support their mental health. After developing their knowledge of the food pyramid and how to maintain a balanced diet, students have created a recipe book with 10 healthy recipes to support a healthy eating diet.

Agrifoods - The winter weather has provided some challenges tin Agrifoods, however students in 11-2 have shown great resilience and a strong ability to adapt to change. They have enjoyed both practical and theoretical components taught by Ms Hull and Ms Smith, such as the clearing of garden beds, planting of winter crops and learning about work safety, with an emphasis on the importance of wearing correct PPE. Students have also engaged in managing equipment and stock checks, however, their greatest success has been the amazing succulent jars they have created from old recycled coffee jars. These were a valued product sold at their stall as part of their Business Enterprise Program.

Business Enterprise - As part of their Business Enterprise program, students from 11-2 have practised their inquiry-based learning skills to research and create some fantastic items that were sold at their stall during Week 8. Some of these items included candles, body scrubs, succulent jars and sensory items. The stall was a huge success, with students raising almost $400 to donate towards the RSPCA. Thank you for your support!

Sharon Mandoreba

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Despite starting this term off in a similar fashion as we ended Term 1, with both students and staff absent due to COVID, 11-3 class have achieved some amazing feats. There have been many successes and through adversity, students have strived.

Regarding their Certificate II course, students in 11-3 are in the process of refining their coffee making skills which supplements two units in serving espresso coffee and hygiene practices. In class, students are working their way through two other units; Write Routine Workplace Texts and Calculate Whole Numbers and Familiar Fractions, Decimals and Percentages for Work. Each unit involves assessments that demonstrate student competency. To date, students are on track to complete the set number of units for this year.

For PE lessons, students showed a real interest in bike riding, so we have booked in bike riding lessons each week for this term. Students have access to all types of bikes to develop their skills and will begin a cycling proficiency course soon.

On Thursday mornings, 11-3 continue to work through their Certificate I Course via TAFE. From all reports from the lecturer, all students are performing well and enhancing their skills in horticulture and landscaping. As well as specific skills relating to the course, students are also expanding on their functional skills such as teamwork, communication and health and safety. These skills, among others, will assist them in other areas of their schooling as well as in future life.

For the classes' ASDAN Endorsed Program, students are working through Module 2. Here, they are generating enterprise ideas. Thus far, the class have produced a review on a product that they have used , compared two similar products on the market and will next conduct a small market research survey.

In other subjects across the week, the class are near completing a Work Focus Booklet that has investigated work skills, such as creating a resume, exploring different industries, learning desirable work skills and how best to apply them in the workforce. In Health, students are developing their self-awareness and how their behaviours impact on others.

Looking forward to next term, students have been allocated a placement for their work experience which will commence in Week 1. Students gain invaluable work skills during this time and will learn about what is expected from them in the workforce.

As you can see, although things have been a little different so far this term, students have powered on to achieve their goals and will continue to do so. Finally, I would like to add a big thank you to the students, parents and staff for working through what has been a challenging time for all.

Tom Cann
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The term has flown by as we head to the halfway mark of Year 12.

The class ended Term 1 by making and entering a competition for homemade Hot Cross Buns. The exciting news over the holidays was that 12-1 came FIRST!!! Students (and staff, let's be honest) were thrilled to receive the HUGE 4KG Chocolate Easter Bunny. It was shared amongst the class and due to its massive size amongst other classes as well. We were very proud of the students and a special mention to Mrs Mac and Mr N for their assistance with the project.

Students continue to work hard across all subjects and are starting to show some maturity and independence which is pleasing to see.

Fantastic meals are being produced every Tuesday during Meal Prep in the ILC and our baristas are gaining more confidence each time they make coffees for the staff.

Work has commenced on our garden project for Year 12. This will be the gift to the school from both Year 12 classes upon graduation at the end of the year. We can't wait to see the finished product.

The weekly collating of pamphlets and car washing are helping the students practise important WPL skills that they will need when they commence placements in second semester.

ASDAN work continues as we head towards Term 3 and moderation. It is pleasing to see students just get to work to complete all tasks required of them. Well done!

Students are excited to commence WPL in Term 3 as they get to practice their work skills and increasing maturity in the working world.

Have a wonderful holiday and we look forward to starting the last half of Year 12. Stay safe, warm and dry.

Tonya Vander Loop

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Term 2 is all but over and the Year 12's have settled into a productive routine. A highlight at the beginning of term was having photos taken in their graduation gowns. I was incredibly proud at the time and effort the class took to look smart for their photos. I have provided a sneak peak in some fun group photos, however you will have to wait until Graduation to see how sensational they looked in their gowns.

The students are continuing to work on their ASDAN short courses this term and in their PSHE course they have been researching different forms of savings and created a Podcast on ways to manage debt. In the Citizenship course the class are researching migration to Australia from after World War 2 until the 1980's. Each student has chosen a different migrant group and will show the significance of each group's contribution in a film storyboard.

We have also started the Keys 4 Life course this term to prepare students to be road users of the future - as either drivers or passengers with their friends. So far topics have included speed, indicating and intersections and we are about to look at the characteristics of young road users. Students will have shown parents their weekly tasks that they are completing while being a passenger, to make them more aware of road issues.

In our fitness classes, students are setting themselves challenges to increase their strength. Our current group goal is to complete 20 full push-ups; a one-minute plank and a two-minute squat hold. We have enjoyed these challenges with some meditation in the beautiful autumn sun.

Wednesdays in Cobra Cafe is always a highlight for the students. This term students have cooked meals featuring flavours from around the world. Favourite dishes have included shepherd's pie from England, vegetable curry from India and bobotie from South Africa. Students continue to develop their skills around chopping large quantities of vegetables, techniques to prepare and present fruit and all are being experienced baristas. Most weeks involve three hours of working under pressure to ensure the meals are delivered by the lunchtime deadline to the very happy staff.

These transferable skills will all be evident for the students as they start their work placements on Tuesdays next term. Placements include, Ikea, Super Cheap Auto, Good Samaritan Industries and Coles. Students will also be able to include their work skills in their ASDAN courses next term as they complete problem-solving and self-employment skills.

I continue to be impressed with the mature discussions had by the 12-2 class in covering our class content. There are also many opportunities for fun and we all take it in turn to share some very witty moments. Thank you 12-2 for making every day memorable.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Ms Hobson, Mrs Wearing, Ms Jacqui & Mrs Willis

Sarah Hobson

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Special Olympics MultiSport Community Tournament

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